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Cottage Handicraft ,Wooden Elephant Coloured, with Free Elephant Gift

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Wooden Elephant Coloured

A Symbol of good fortuity and sagacity 

A comely handicraft composed of mango wood which for the most part is widely appreciated for excellent craftsmanship and for enhancing your dcor

Crafted with paramount care. Plenarily manufactured by the hands of award victor artists, which take time to make such masterpieces categorically. The artisans who made this masterpiece work very placidly as they have to wait for 6 hours to dry the paint after consummating each segment of design.

Emboss painted artistry creates a vintage appearance. The painting style forms an imprint of any type of design, decoration, text, or pattern on another surface like wood, paper, fabric, metal, and even leather to produce relief.

Weighing at 3680 grams, it authentically is sturdy, so; it will authentically be a component of your domicile decor for a fundamentally long time in a colossal way.

Being symbolic of welcoming guests and tranquillity, the upper trunk of the Elephant shows that guests are welcomed and adorned.

This unique craftsmanship will become the focus of fascination for your dcor. This Elephant with dazzling stones and colorful, embossed artwork integrates a resplendent and archaic aspect to your domicile dcor and flaunts your outstanding taste.

While being a souvenir to recollect our roots, it is an excellent item for gifting purposes, a great marvel of magnetization for houses.

  • Flawless craftsmanship: Cottage handicraft Wooden Elephant Statue is made of Mango Wood and is well-known for its exceptional art sculpture craftsmanship.  These antiques will enhance the beauty of your interior dcor, are a terrific item for gifting, are a one-of-a-kind Artifact for Art Lovers, and can be a great marvel of fascination in your living spaces.
  • Minimalistic looks: A wooden elephant sculpture provides a beautiful and antediluvian look with glittering stonework and colorful embossed paintwork. 
  • Full of Creativity: Embossed painting is the process of creating an impression of some kind of design, decoration, lettering, or pattern on another surface, such as wood, paper, cloth, metal, or even leather, to create relief. 
  • Auspicious meaning : The trunk up of the Elephant is symbolic of welcoming guests, as anteriorly, the kings and rulers kept these outside their abode as a symbol of welcoming guests with a salute. Keeping an elephant figurine at the ingression of home or office will invite good fortuity and positive energies.
  • A Flabbergasting gift: This wooden masterpiece is suitable for gifting. It is a one-of-a-type treasure for artwork enthusiasts, and people won't be able to take their eyes off of it. 
  • Craftsmanship at its best: The artists who came up with this masterpiece labor tranquility since they must wait 6 hours for the paint to dry after consummating each part of the pattern. The hands of award-winning artists entirely created this. The craft done on this Elephant is an embossed craft. Being handcrafted goods, color, print, and pattern variations are possible. 
  • Sturdy Packaging : We believe in pure customer satisfaction, so our orders are always checked, and we ensure that all of our items have well-sturdy packaging.  
  • Opulent design: Our artisans spend days trying to figure out the best dimension to weight ratio to ensure that every handcrafted piece is spectacular to look at. With its dimension's being 38*13*30cms in length, width, and height, respectively, plus with a weight of 3680 grams, it's a sturdy and well-held piece.
Key Product Features
  • It is a mango wood hand-crafted elephant : Composed of mango wood Hand-crafted Elephant is one of the outstanding designs with outstanding beauty people chose to buy it for. It gives a unique flavour to the walls of your house and makes them look more fascinating.
  • Crafting it needs lots of patience : Crafting hand-crafted elephant is not easy as bringing or moulding it into the desired shape requires extreme patience time and expertise in the same field. Completing a single piece of Hand-crafted Elephant takes at-least 15 days and takes 6 hours in drying of its paint.
  • Best suited for every interior : Wooden elephant statue is a marvellous piece of exceptional artwork which amplifies the beauty of wherever it is kept whether you keep it in drawing room or your bed room
  • your central hall or your office
  • it is best suited to every interior.
  • It is an epitome of creativity : Crafted with extremely fine embossed painting it is an epitome of excellent creativity and fine art work. Purchasing it means adding charm to the interior and so people buy it for their home.
  • It is one of the best items to be gifted as a gift. If you are going to attend any marriage ceremony or going to attend any auspicious occasion then nothing could be beautiful than giving this extremely fascinating piece of home decor.

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