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Vintage Leather Journal

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Cottage handicrafts - Vintage Leather Journal/Leather Bound Journal/Antique Paper journal/Hand-made cotton paper journal/Vinateg Lock & Key Journal/ For Drawing Sketching and Writing/ 200 Page

Vintage looked hand-made paper journal with awesome look 

Gone the days when people used to write on the white pages. The time and the interest of the people, both have changed drastically and now the antique journals have become the first choice of many. They are opting the old and antique papers to write as they love to carve their imagination and routine activities on them more than the new journals and white pages. Cottage handicrafts offers a quality and wide ranges of such journals of which this journal is most unique and attractive.

2.  Its  Leather wrapping is outstanding :

Its Leather wrapping is just amazing which preserves its papers from getting damaged. The feel, the touch and the classy look it gives to the journal is unbeatable. People love to buy this vintage looked journal due to its perfectly looked buffalo leather cover with beautiful finish, attraction and the feel it gives to the overall journal. Moreover, buying it from Cottage Handicrafts is going to give you an experience unforgettable. 

3. Its paper quality is speechless 

With lined columns the paper quality of this vintage looked journal is that another reason why people love to buy it from cottage handicrafts. Cotton hand-made paper of this vintage journal attracts the nib of the writers pen to scrawl over them. Such pages attract the thoughts and provide an environment to dive into the imagination and make the struggle of fighting with the thoughts easy. So, buying it from cottage handicrafts would not be a wrong decision. 

4. Sturdy Binding :

The Binding of this Vintage Leather Journal with perfect Leather finish is sturdy and makes the paper attached to each other. It is only due to the sturdy binding of this Journal that proper finishing of the Leather cover comes out in its complete glow and leaves the outstanding impression. This sturdy binding takes care of its pages and gives you comfort ability to write. Sturdy binding is that specific reason why this journal remains preserved for longer without any damage to its papers. 

5. It is an amazing gift to be presented :

Wherever you are going, whomever you are visiting, this vintage looked Journal is the best item to be gifted. You can present it to anyone you want to give, and it will prove as one of the best gifts. Once again, it is the uniqueness of this beautiful piece of cottage handicrafts that it is not an age based gift, and can be gifted to anyone belongs to any age.

6. Its manufacturing standard is of high quality : 

This hand-made vintage paper journal is the one which is the choice of many and it is because of the manufacturing standard it possesses. It is all the great hard-work of the award winning artisans that they work with full concentration to bring this journal into this shape. It takes near about 10-15 days in bringing this journal into this form

7. Free gift with every purchase :

Whatever you will purchase, you will get a free silver electro-plated elephant figurine. The fascinating and exquisite elephant figurine is a royal piece of decoration which can be placed in your Living Room, Dining Room, Office or wherever you will place it, it will make the surroundings royal with its royal look. Whether you purchase a single product or you purchase a number of products, you will receive a free elephant figurine with every purchase.

8. About Cottage Handicraft : 

Cottage Handicraft maintains its own reputation in providing the best quality products. The customers which order something from Cottage Handicraft order multiple things because they strongly faith in our quality and the products we are delivering. We are very sure that your money is not going to be wasted if you order anything from us. Our first priority is to satisfy your need, both product-wise and Quality wise. Customers who purchase something from Cottage Handicraft never complains. Moreover, the compliments we are receiving make us feel highly motivated and energetic.


Key Product Features
  • Vintage Hand-made paper journal is awesome in quality : It is one of the best items cottage handicrafts offering to its customers which looks exceptionally awesome in quality. It is only due to its adorable look that people buy it from cottage handicrafts. It looks classy and attracts people to write on its pages. Moreover
  • the comfortability its paper offers is that another reason why people chose it. The leather wrapping and quality of cotton papers with antique look makes it perfect to be used.
  • Its Leather wrapping makes it a perfect journal : The Leather wrapping of the journal is just amazing and gives it a royal touch. This Leather wrapping keeps the paper safe and holds them tight at one place. It is all because of this wrapping that papers don't get damaged and don't leave the packing along with giving a glow to the upper part. It is the hard work of our award - winning artisans that they give it a perfect look.
  • It contains 200 cotton pages : The vintage journal contains 200 pages which makes it usable for every purpose. Even a writer can complete a full story writing on its pages. Moreover
  • its cotton pages gives a pleasant feel to a writer. The paper can be recycled and acid too can’t damage the journal which are the two reasons why maximum people use this product.
  • The Vintage belt lock and key makes it look fascinating : Its Vintage Lock and Key is the next thing which gives it a phenomenal look. The Key is such amazing in look that it gives a feel similar to the key to open a mystery box. The key and Leather belt alone are sufficient to grab the attention of the journal lovers. The Vintage Leather belt and Key is iconic.
  • The best companion ever : The Vintage journal is so awesome that is going to be your best companion ever. It is the classy look of the journal which makes it your best companion. Wherever you go you can have it along with you to write whatever comes to your mind or you can make your own notes. If you are having this vintage looked journal in your hand
  • you don't need anyone else with you and nothing could be your best companion ever than this archaic and antique looked journal.

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