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Cottage Handicraft ,Handmade Dairy with free Elephant Gift

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Cottage handicrafts - Vintage Leather Journal Flower of Life/Leather Bound Journal/Antique Paper journal/Beautiful Embossed Flower of life  Leather journal/ 200 Pages

1.Its look is outstandingly unique   :

If you are searching a journal with antique charm and outstandingly amazing beauty, then this Flower of life embossed journal is the right choice. Its Leather Cover is just outstanding in leaving a remarkable impression on every other person. Its leather cover is very soft in nature and gives you a soft feel like fur. Its touch is cozy and comfortable to skin. The overall impression it leaves on someone else is its next quality why it is the first choice of many. 

2.  Its embossed Flower of Life leaves positive vibrations :

The embossed Flower of Life on its leather cover is the next reason why people purchase it to have the best companion. Perfectly embossed with Flower of Life, the Vintage Leather cover makes it look more impressive and elegant. Flower Of Life is one of the most intriguing and recognized geometric symbols within the magical world of Sacred Geometry. This symbol actually represents the Life cycle. It is believed that within this symbol, holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole.

3. Its hand-made paper quality is of next level :

People purchase it just because of the quality of its hand-made papers. With slightly yellowish texture its hand-made papers are fascinatingly attractive with old and royal texture. Slightly thick in nature, its papers are completely different than the normal papers. Only one touch of its papers is sufficient to attract your pen to write. Scratching a pen across its papers gives a flow to your thoughts to keep writing. No other papers could be such attractive, enthralling and enrapturing. Cottage handicrafts offers the best piece of this journal to its customers. 

4. Sturdy Binding and Leather packing 

The Binding of this Vintage Leather Journal with embossed Flower of Life is sturdy and makes the paper attached to each other. Sturdy binding of this journal is that one reason why a writer feels comfortability in sketching a pen across its vintage hand-made papers. It is really not very easy to go with sturdy packing of such thick pages, but thats again due to the remarkable work of award-winning artisans who bring it in such beautiful shape through its sturdy binding. 

5. It is the best item to be gifted :

What could be the best gift if you are going to give journals to whomever you going to visit. If you are selecting embossed Tree of life vintage journal to give, then it would be more beautiful. It is gender neutral, occasion neutral and age neutral. It reduces all the tensions. No matter wherever you are going, whomever you are visiting, it is always the best choice which is one of the most beautiful things about vintage journals. Moreover, it looks attractive and people love you because of its amazing feel.

6.  Award - winning artisans provide it a desired shape :

Award winning artisans are skilled in bringing anything in shape. This work is never possible without their meaningful support and skills. It is all due to the hard work they could do in their life that only they know how they can bring this journal into this particular form from its abstract shape. This hard-work takes near about 10 - 15 days.

7. Free gift with every purchase :

Whatever you will purchase, you will get a free silver electro-plated elephant figurine. The fascinating and exquisite elephant figurine is a royal piece of decoration which can be placed in your Living Room, Dining Room, Office or wherever you will place it, it will make the surroundings royal with its royal look. Whether you purchase a single product or you purchase a number of products, you will receive a free elephant figurine with every purchase.

8. About Cottage Handicraft :

Cottage Handicraft maintains its own reputation in providing the best quality products. The customers which order something from Cottage Handicraft order multiple things because they strongly faith in our quality and the products we are delivering. We are very sure that your money is not going to be wasted if you order anything from us. Our first priority is to satisfy your need, both product-wise and Quality wise. Customers who purchase something from Cottage Handicraft never complains.


Key Product Features
  • This vintage journal is just speechless : The ‘Flower Of Life’ is one of the most intriguing and recognized geometric symbols within the magical world of Sacred Geometry. This symbol actually represents the Life cycle. It is believed that within this symbol
  • holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole. With beautiful pattern of geometric design
  • this vintage leather becomes the different than the other vintage journals.
  • Its Leather wrapping is just amazing : Wrapped with the soft leather
  • this journal is highly attractive in attraction. It attracts many people due to the positivity which the Flower of Life provides and the charm and soft touch of its Leather Cover. The perfect Leather cover attracts everyone towards itself and people would always like to meet you so that they can know about the place you have purchased it from.
  • It contains 200 cotton pages : The vintage journal contains 200 pages which makes it usable for every purpose. Even a writer can complete a full story writing on its pages. Moreover
  • its cotton pages gives a pleasant feel to a writer. The paper can be recycled and acid too can’t damage the diary which are the two reasons why maximum people use this product.
  • It is the beautiful outcome of award winning artisans : This vintage journal which is mysteriously attractive and mesmerisingly beautiful in leaving the impression on everyone is the unique outcome of award-winning artisans who design this vintage journal with much respect and concentration and takes near about 10-15 days.
  • The best companion ever : The Vintage journal is so awesome that is going to be your best companion ever. It is the classy look of the journal which makes it your best companion. Wherever you go you can have it along with you to write whatever comes to your mind or you can make your own notes.

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