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Cottage Handicraft ,Tibetan Bell & Dorje, Small with Free Elephant Gift

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Tibetan bell and dorje

  • The most consequential ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism are the Dorjie and the bell 
  • They stand for "method" (vajra) and "sapience" (bell). 
  • They represent enlightenment when cumulated because they embody the union of all dualities: bliss and emptiness, compassion and wisdom.
  • When used in meditation, a playing stick may be used around the rim, and the sound produced reminds of the emptiness of all things, and the quality of wisdom one must develop to attain this realization.
  • Buddhists believe that each is there to engage our busy minds in a way that will lead us toward the Truth.
  • The bell and dorje are two of these implements. The dorje, held in the right hand, represents skillful means, and the bell, held in the left, represents wisdom.
  • The dorje's physical appearance is rich in symbolism. The dharmata, the sphere of reality itself, the ultimate truth, is represented by a sphere in the center. One or three strands of pearls surround the sphere on either side. 

Fully Handmade 

Its made from kansa metal and brass top to bottom. Our artisans take the proper amount of time to create such a masterpiece. From start to completion, the candle holder usually takes roughly 10-15 days.


You may be confident that it is the ideal gifting option because it is made with high manufacturing standards, quality, and immaculate finish.

Provide assistance in a stylish manner.

Connect with buddha.

As we become more acquainted with the various Buddhas and their qualities, as well as participate in ritual ceremony and empowerment, we move closer to realizing our own Buddha nature, which is, after all, the goal.

Helps in Meditation

Tibetan Buddhism's major ceremonial implements are the dorje and bell. They are always maintained together and symbolize several levels of profound symbolism and meaning in practically all Tibetan ceremonial rituals, chanting, and magical operations. The dorje and bell reflect the male and feminine principles of the universe, as well as the individual's energy body.

Perfect chasm

Our artisans spend days determining the best size-to-weight ratio to ensure that each handmade item is visually stunning. It takes an average of 10-12 days to create this masterpiece with accuracy and care.

Free gift with every purchase 

Whatever you will purchase, you will get a free 999 silver electro-plated elephant figurine. The fascinating and exquisite elephant figurine is a royal piece of decoration which can be placed in your Living Room, Dining Room, Office or wherever you will place it, it will make the surroundings royal with its royal look. Whether you purchase a single product or you purchase a number of products, you will receive a free elephant figurine with every purchase. The cost of the return gift is not included in the cost of the product. People invest on advertisements, but we dont. We want to spend on our customers to make a long-lasting and a lovely bond with them. It is because we want to honor our customers, we are providing this royal and majestic return gift which will definitely make them feel highly privileged

About Cottage Handicraft :

Cottage Handicraft maintains its own reputation in providing the best quality products. The customers which order something from Cottage Handicraft order multiple things because they strongly faith in our quality and the products we are delivering. We are very sure that your money is not going to be wasted if you order anything from us. Our first priority is to satisfy your need, both product-wise and Quality wise. Customers who purchase something from Cottage Handicraft never complains. Moreover, the compliments we are receiving make us feel highly motivated and energetic. Every product here is a hand-made product and takes near about 15-20 days with lots of patience and hard work. It makes the products more valuable and more beautiful. 

Key Product Features
  • This bell is a symbol of Positivity : This bell is one of the most inspiring ritual objects of Tibetan Buddhism
  • sound of which can calm anyone’s mind. The positive vibrations which the Dorje bell release synchronize brain waves and enhances awareness of the mind/body connection.
  • It Generates healing vibrations: When you ring the bell
  • it creates such beautiful sound that it heals your pain by transferring positivity into the soul. When its vibration enters the body
  • it transfers a kind of mental relief. The sound of this tibetan Bell is such sooting and positive.
  • This bell is made up of Brass: This bell is the beautiful outcome of Brass. Materials made up of Brass are always unique in leaving shine and don't get rusted or corroded easily. They are strong and are much shining in nature. They attract everyone whoever have a glimpse of it.
  • The best item to be gifted : If you are going to attend any Hawan or Puja function
  • then nothing could be best than giving this bell as a gift. It is the perfect gift item and can also be given in marriage functions as it is a symbol of positivity and spreads positivity all around. This item can also be given
  • as a gift
  • in the Hawan functions which take place before marriages and home inaugurations.
  • It is fully hand-made: This iconic bell is which is undoubtedly a best piece of positivity is fully hand-made. Our award-winning artisans create this and takes at-least 10 to 15 days in its creation.

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