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Tactical Traps Mirror MAX Storage with Secured Door | 47 x 19 | Storage with RFID Lock | Safe & Unseen Compartment | Dark Walnut

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Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the BADDEST of them all?? That's YOU -- after you install the 47 x 19 all new Guardian MAX Tactical full-length mirror in your house! Its BIG enough to SECRETLY stash your AR, shotgun, rifle, a bunch of pistols or anything else you got. And the function of it will just BLOW YOUR MIND! With a simple swipe of your fingerprint (yes, it's a real locking cabinet!) or click on your phone, the mirror opens up like magic (no power assistance) revealing your home defense gear in one of the most impressive tactical displays we've ever created.


Do You Own An AR-15, Shotgun, AK -47 Or Any Other Gun With A Long Barrel?

Then youre going to want to get your hands on the most unique long gun concealment product ever invented the Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror!

NEW! Opens With Your Fingerprint Or Phone!

Mirror, mirror on the wallwhos the BADDEST of them all? That will be YOU, after you install the 47 x 19 all new Guardian MAX tactical full-length mirror in your house. Its BIG enough to SECRETLY stash your AR, shotgun, rifle, bunch of pistols or anything else you got. And the function of it will


With simple swipe of your fingerprint (yes it a real locking cabinet) or click on your phone the mirror opens up like magic (no power assistance) revealing your home defense gear in one of the most impressive tactical displays weve ever created.

Tactical applications arent the only thing the Guardian MAX has going for it. Its also a real glass (high end) full length mirror. Who couldnt use full length mirror in your house that makes your room look bigger and or dresses up a boring wall.? Thats what makes this product so cool.

This Is How Insiders Protect Their Family And Home

Gun safes are safe, but not practical for home defense. What if you need to quickly access it to protect family or yourself from a home invasion or burglary? Sure, you could sleep with your gun under your pillow, but who wants to do that?

The only alternative in the past was to put it in a safe. The problem is by the time you make your way to the safe and unlock (in the dark)...youre already too late!

In fact, many experts believe if you cant get to your gun within 10-15 seconds theres no point of having it around as home defense weapon.

In order to protect yourself, family and property you need to be able to get to your weapon in seconds no matter where you're at in the house.

The trick is how do you do that?

The fastest, easiest and smartest way is too strategically place your Guardian MAX In your home, mancave or office.

Press Play And Prepare To Be Shocked And Amazed!


Did you watch the video? If not, youre missing out! What you just saw isnt a camera trick or fancy editingthis is how its going to work in your home! Forget about keys to lose to complicated combinations to remember.

The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror utilizes the Worlds first Biometric RFID (radio frequency Identification locking system) that opens the reenforced mirror in one second with the touch of your finger print ( up to 15 users) or a secure APP on your phone

This is a new FREE upgrade were offering thats only guaranteed until Thursday February 18, 2021

  • Just place your finger over the HIDDEN biometric sensor
  • This sends a signal to the lock to open (less than one second)
  • The mirror opens up like a secret trap door to expose a high-density foam lined cavity holding your firearms.

If you do this is in front your family and friends the look on their faces when they see this miracle will be worth more than the price you paid for the Guardian MAX! It looks like something out of a James Bond movie

But thats not all! What if you need access to your weapons and youre across the room? Or if you just want to show off to your buddies and watch their jaws drop in amazement?

No problem, just sit where youre at ( no need to even get up)whip out your phone and effortlessly hit unlock button on the secure APP and youre in like magic !

We also build the RFID lock to include two built in safeguards ensuring youll never get locked out. First, if the batteries get low, you will get a warning to replace them. Assuming you ignore the warning - you won't, but let's say you do and the batteries go dead. No problem simply plus I the included external battery backup into the port which is as easy as plugging a headphone into jack. and youre in.

We're the only ones in the industry that use this state of the art locking system - and thats what we're using on your Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror. We retail this lock alone for $179 but when you order now, well throw it in for FREE!

Cabinet Quality Construction And Security Reinforcements Give The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror High-End Looks, Peace Of Mind, Strength And Durability

Exterior Dimensions: 47 1/2 x 19 1/2

Interior Dimensions: 42 x 15

When people see the Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror hanging on your wall theyll think its just an ordinary high-quality full length mirror. But you and I know better. First, the frame itself is made with top-grade lumber which gives it a high-end custom look that will impress anyone who sees it.

Thats because we only use SOLID REAL WOOD, not cheap press board or other inferior materials like a mirror youd buy in a store. And the mirror itself? Real glass mirror , not cheap acrylic or plastic that makes you like youre in a fun house. This attention to detail and high-quality real wood and glass makes the product extremely strong with high end custom looks.

Next each piece lumber is milled using our propriety knife system (the molding is not available in any lumber store in the county) that creates an

Optical Illusion Of The Frame Being Much Thinner Than It Is!

You'll gasp in disbelief when you see how natural it looks on your wall. It took us 3 long and frustrating years to engineer the exact angles needed to create this product. Why did we go through all that trouble and expense? Its simple if the mirror frame appears to thick, it gives away the secret that something is inside.

If its too thin, its not secure enough. But when its milled to precision angles that create an optical illusion (proprietary to us) its easy to conceal firearms, magazines, documents, cash, computer files, whatever you wish... safely and securely in plain sight.

Take a look at the picture below. Not only does the mirror look perfectly natural on the wallnot too thick and not too thinbut its also impossible to see the full size tactical AR and two pistols HIDDEN inside that are ready to rock and roll at a moments notice.

Buts good looks and effortless functionality arent the only things the Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror has going for it. Its also...

Extremely Strong And Durable!

Thats because hidden behind the picture and glass (you can choose whatever picture or print you want) is a wood reinforcement that helps prevent someone from just breaking the glass and getting to your guns.

Just so you know, the wood we use for the reinforcements this is the same thickness of wood used for the roof on your house- so its super strong and completely invisible to the naked eye.

Of course, the odds of this reinforcement being used are like finding a buried treasure in the Florida Keys. Not going to happen. Why? Because no one will ever suspect there something inside. And in the 1 in a million chance they do- theyre not getting in easy if at all - which gives you peace of mind and security.

Installs EasilyNo Wall Cutting!

The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror is designed to work easily with standard 2x4 construction... so it can be safely and securely mounted on any wall in any home or apartment. You dont have to do any custom work to the wall... theres no cutting holes on your walls or anything like that.

Just open up the box and screw it to your wall with the provided hardware. It will take 10-minutes or so to install it... and the hardest thing you might experience while installing the Guardian MAX is what wall to install it on. Thats why many of our customers buy 2, 3 and even 4.

Custom Foam Insert Fits ANY Model Gun Or Magazine

The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror comes with a customizable foam pad thats easily trimmed to fit your weapon. Simply place your gear on top of the foam however you want to display it. With a hand held razor, cut around your weapon, your optics and your magazines, whatever, and peel away excess foam. Your firearm will snug safely and securely into place. The foam is deep enough to hold any weapon you have.

The Guardian MAX measures 47 1/2 x 19 . Its a perfect size to place in a foyer, hallway, living room, bathroom, bedroom, home office or just about anywhere.

You can easily fit two full handguns+ a long gun beautifully displayed as well as some magazines. In the picture above Ive got my ARGLOCK 22 and PARA .45 ACP with plenty of extra room for extra magazines, flashlight or even a knife.

Numerous Finishes To Match Your Dcor


Did I just use the word decor? Dont tell anyone! But seriously, we can make your Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror in any choice of six wood stains... Dark Walnut, Cherry, Early American, White, Ebony or unfinished that can be painted or stained in whatever color you choose.

The Guardian MAX Tactical Mirror Mounts Quickly And Easily Anywhere You Want Instant Access To Your Guns

One question I get all the time is Where should I mount my Guardian MAX? The answer is anywhere you want.

Some people put it in the foyer by their door. Others put it in the living room, man cave, home office, bedroom or even bathroom (you never know-right?) The Guardian MAX looks amazing no matter where you mount it. This is a big reason why the majority of our customers order 2 or more.

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