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Tactical Traps - 1791 Whiskey Barrel American Flag with Lift-Up Storage| Standard 25" X 15 | Storage with RFID Lock | Easy Installation | Secure & Safe Compartment

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The 1791 Special Edition Whiskey Barrel flag is made from decades-old authentic whiskey barrels... looks beautiful on your wall...conceals your firearms in plain sight... and still contains about 5% Kentucky whiskey! Now you can pay homage to the revolutionary year of 1791, when the Federal Government was in its infant years... George Washington was President... the 2nd Amendment was just put into place... and whiskey was the first domestic product to ever be taxed. It's really a landmark time, when you think about it. Everyone will admire this meaningful work of art on your wall... and will never guess it securely stores your firearms!

Our 1791 Tactical Flag Made From Decommissioned Whiskey Barrels Is The Ultimate Conversation Piece It Conceals Firearms In Plain Sight and Still Contains About 5% Kentucky Whiskey!


"That's the magic of 1791 Tactical Flag... it looks like artwork. But it is artwork with a secret. The secret is, you can safely and secretly store handguns, magazines, anything you'd like and hide it in plain sight!"

Let's go back 227 years.
The year is 1791. The Federal Government was in its infant years. The very FIRST President GEORGE WASHINGTON was in office.
And more importantly, 1791 was the year the 2nd Amendment was adopted (as part of the Bill of Rights). That was the year the Supreme Court ruled this right to bear arms belonged to individuals for self-defense. This right to keep and bear arms is just one of the great rights we enjoy as Americans.
Our 1791 Special Edition Tactical Flag was created to pay homage to this 2nd Amendment right. We then took the landmark 1791 theme even further and constructed our Tactical Flag from decommissioned Kentucky whiskey barrels.
Genuine American Oak barrel staves, to be exact. Dusty... rusty... crusty... and dating back many decades.
These barrel staves still contain about 5% pure Kentucky Bourbon absorbed deep into the oak from years of distilling whiskey in rackhouses spread all over Kentucky.

The History Behind The 1791 Tactical Flag


What made us choose to construct our Tactical Flag from old whiskey barrels?
The answer is simple. Back in 1791, President George Washington was looking to cover the outstanding $25,000,000 war debt incurred from the Revolutionary War. To cover this debt, a Whiskey Tax was put into place. Now, this Whiskey Tax was the FIRST tax to ever be applied to a domestic product by the newly formed Federal Government.
But... this tax wasn't met without a fierce and violent resistance.
Wheat, rye, barley and corn farmers refused to pay this tax and weren't going down without a fight. Prior to this new tax, farmers were having a grand ol' time distilling their surplus corn, etc. into whiskey. And now, to give up a portion of their profits to the "new" Federal Government was such a foreign concept... and they rebelled against it.
Protesters of this Whiskey Tax used violence and intimidation to prevent Federal Officials from collecting. One US Marshall who was trying to serve writs for unpaid tax was chased by over 500 armed men! President Washington responded by sending 13,000 militia men to rescue the US Marshall.

Over 175 Kentucky distillers were eventually convicted of violating the law.

This Whiskey Rebellion was a pivotal event in American history, as it demonstrated how a newly-formed US Government had the power to suppress violent resistance to laws.
This Whiskey Rebellion directly contributed to the formation of political parties in the United States. Before this rebellion, there was no Republican or Democrat Parties as we have to this day.
Back 200+ years ago, our relatives many generations ago experienced all these amazing events of 1791. There's a good chance they drank their bourbon distilled from barrels identical to the barrels used in our 1791 Tactical Flag.  
Crafted from nothing other than American Oak, these 53-gallon barrels and their staves (the narrow strips) still contain about 5% pure Kentucky whiskey from decades of distilling whiskey in some dusty rackhouse deep in the south.


By law, bourbon barrels can only be used once. Kentucky "coopers" ship the majority over to Scotland for them to distill Scotch. A small portion - the oldest, most dusty barrels - are sent directly to us to create our limited edition 1791 Tactical Flags.
Some of the barrels are so old, the steel "hoops" have long rusted away. Decades of rackhouse dust so deep, we have to wear protective masks to handle the staves.
And now you can pay homage to this revolutionary year of 1791, a year forever steeped in history!

George Washington was President. The 2nd Amendment was just put into place.

And whiskey was the first domestic product to be taxed. It's really an amazing time, when you think of it.

We worked these whiskey barrel staves in a way to represent a beautiful American Flag along with blackened galvanized steel - identical to what is used as whiskey barrel hoops. It's a fine piece of functional art you will be proud to display in your man cave - or anywhere in your home where you'd like to have a firearm.
The Tactical Flag will easily hold 2 of your "go-to" handguns and magazines... although I can't guarantee your 1791 "Brown Buss" musket will fit! 

Could you just imagine the conversation piece this Tactical Flag will be in your home? We'll leave it to you if you choose to show houseguests the hidden firearm compartment.

 "That's the beauty of our 1791 Tactical Flag... it looks like artwork. But it is artwork with a secret. The secret is, you can safely and secretly store handguns, magazines, anything you'd like... and hide it in plain sight!"


How It Works


The 1791 Tactical Flag has no keys to lose, no magnets, no combination lock, just a state of the art Bluetooth enable RFID (radio frequency Identification locking system) that opens the flag in one second with your cell phone or keycard.

This is a new FREE upgrade were offering thats only guaranteed now. More on that later. Heres how it works

  • Download the easy to use app in apple store or android. (I guarantee this will be the easiest app you ever usedonly one button to operate), or simply use one of the included keycards
  • Just Hit the unlock button on your phone (or use a keycard, so your phone isn't necessary)  and it sends an encrypted signal to the lock release (less than one second) ..
  • This entire front of flag will open to lift up (no battery or electricity required) exposing a high-density foam lined cavity holding your firearms.



The RFID lock comes with two built in safeguards ensuring youll never get locked out. First, if the batteries get low, you will get a warning to replace them. Assuming you ignore the warning - you won't, but let's say you do - the lock will then, right before the batteries die, automatically retract the latch so you never have to worry about being locked out.

We're the only ones in the industry that use this state of the art locking system - and thats what we're using on your 1791 Tactical Flag.

Easy Installation No Wall Cutting


The 1791 Tactical Flag was designed to work easily with standard 2x4 construction... so it can be safely and securely mounted on any wall in any home or apartment. You dont have to do any custom work to the wall... there's no sheetrock cutting or anything like that.
Just open up the box and following our easy instructional pamphlet and/or installation video, mount it to your wall. It will take 10 minutes or so to install it... and the hardest thing you may experience while installing your special edition Whiskey barrel Tactical Flag is deciding what wall to install it on!
Thats why many of our customers buy 2, 3 and even 4 at one time! You can mount it over your fireplace and make your love for America and the Second Amendment a focal point of the room.

Or stick it by the foyer so your guns are always just a second away. Or even add some patriotism to your home office, man cave or den while having the peace of mind knowing youre ready to protect your family anytime. 

This special edition Tactical Flag will blend in seamlessly with any style decor - rustic, modern, elegant - whatever your style, it doesn't matter! The possibilities are endless!


Some important specs: The 1791 Tactical Flag external measurements equal 25" long and 15" tall. Not too big... but large enough to look dominant on a wall as a focal point.

  • The interior space measures 22.5" x 10.5". Large enough to hold 2 handguns and a few magazines, flashlight, extra ammo, etc.
  • The compartment is completely concealed and undetectable. There are NO visible hinges or locks. To unsuspecting people - even professional thieves - nobody will be able to detect the hidden compartment. 
  • The hidden compartment conceals guns magazines or even valuables such as documents (deeds, wills, titles), jewelry, watches the options are endless. Just because the 1791 Tactical Flag is designed to conceal handguns, doesn't mean you can't use the compartment to hide your choice of items with that same "handgun and ammo" RFID level of protection. The foam insert is shipped uncut, ready for you to customize!
  • Foam Insert To Fit ANY Model Handgun Or Magazine - (or anything you choose to conceal) Each 1791 Tactical Flag comes with a customizable foam pad that has to be trimmed to fit your weapon. Simply place your gear on top of the foam however you want to display it.
  • Free Motion Detected LED Light - When you order now, we're going to include a super-HD LED lighting kit for your Tactical Flag. This motion activated LED kit will light up to 10-feet of space and being that it's motion activated, that means as soon as the flag opens... the bright lights go on. Its battery powered so you dont have to run wires or plug it into an outlet. Just insert the batteries and youre good to go. A $30 value if sold separately, but yours FREE today!
  • Free Upgraded RFID Locking System - For a limited time - because we only are making a limited number of these flags - I'm going to upgrade you from our standard to the new RFID fast action locking system! Not only does this lock give you better security and faster access, it also allows you to give other people living in your house their own key card (2 included) so they can access the flag when you're not around.
  • Free " Inch Wood Upgrade For Better Looks And More Durability when you order today, your Flag's framework and concealment chamber will leave our shop made out of " inch wood instead of our standard " inch.

Limited Edition


When you order today, you'll also receive a Certificate of Authenticity hand-numbered by the very craftsman who crafted your 1791 Tactical Flag.  We have to put a lot of manual labor into each flag. They're one of a kind. No two are identical. Each whiskey barrel stave tells its own unique story in the form of unique nicks and indentations from decades of shuffling around the dark and dusty rackhouse.

Your 100% Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

I believe in my heart-of-hearts that youll be most pleased with our special edition Whiskey barrel Tactical Flag. But if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with the appearance, the quality, or the usefulness of your new Tactical Flag... just let us know and you can get a refund. Your purchase today is 100% risk free.

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