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SuperBee Beeswax Wrap Drops, DIY Food-Grade Beeswax Drops 100 grams

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All about our beeswax blocks

Love beeswax wraps but want the challenge of making your own? This block of beeswax contains our proprietary blend of sustainably harvested beeswax, tree resin, and organic coconut oil to make the perfect consistency for crafting your own reusable and food-safe beeswax wraps at home. It takes care of the tricky part when making DIY beeswax wraps after all, our secret blend has been tweaked and tried across thousands of wraps in our very own kitchen.

Turning this organic beeswax drops into wraps for food storage is easier than you might think. Give life to worn-out sheets, old clothing, or any other fabric you've got lying around by following the instructions included with this. Easily make your own wraps in under an hour ideal for a fun kids DIY day or for adults to channel their inner crafter!

Made from

  • Sustainably harvested beeswax
  • Tree resin
  • Organic coconut oil
Key Product Features
  • Quality
  • Natural Mixture - Made with natural beeswax
  • tree resin
  • and coconut oil
  • our beeswax bars and drops are a perfect blend of sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to keep your food fresh and safe.
  • Earth-Friendly Wraps - Ditch disposable food storage for good with our beeswax block and drops. One beeswax bar can make up to 10 beeswax food wraps
  • while a pack of our beeswax drops can make up to 12 wraps.
  • Food-Safe Beeswax Wraps - Handmade at our beehive in Northern Thailand
  • our beeswax blocks and drops go through a proprietary mixing process. This ensures that only the cleanest
  • safest materials come into contact with your food.
  • Make Your Own Reusable Food Wraps - Get crafty by creating your own SuperBee Wax Wraps at home. Just look for unused
  • clean fabrics; do some beeswax bar grating or sprinkling; a little ironing; and a bit of waiting.
  • Comes in 2 Convenient Variants - Our diy beeswax wraps mixture is available in 2 practical variants: 75g bar and 100g pack of drops. Using tools you can find at home
  • you can make your own beeswax wraps in a matter of minutes.

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