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Cottagehandicraft ,Silver Plated Ambavadi Antique with Free Elephant Gift

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Silver Plated Amba Vadi Antique

A Unique and Royal Addition to Your Interiors

If you wish to elevate the beauty of your interiors to new heights, your search ends here

This regal yet elegant decorative Raja ki Sawaari is a true piece of art that will reflect your taste and class. Its unique and eye-catching design depicts the royal carriage of an Indian King.

Amba Vadi has a lot of symbolism. The King sitting on the elephant is symbolic of authority. Whereas, the mustache and sword of the King show courage, valor, and responsibility. The umbrella symbolizes riches and royalty, and the position of the mahout shows order and control. 

This eloquent piece not only adds to the beauty but also inspires you to develop these qualities.

Fits Perfectly with Any Type of Interiors

You might want to place it in your office where you spend a major part of the day or in the living room to show off your exquisite taste to your guests. You may even want to adorn your coffee table or decorate the side table with it. 

No matter where you wish to place it, Amba Vadi will look perfect. The best part is it gels up with all types of interiors, be it modern, ethnic, or rustic.

Just imagine such an intricate and beautiful silver-plated object sitting on your office desk, coffee table, living room, study table, or any of your favorite spots! Can you think of a better decorative piece that suits your style?



The Amba Vadi is a customizable piece of astonishment. It comes with a detachable umbrella that pops out easily. After removing the umbrella, the figurine transforms to show a King at the war. The raised sword symbolizes a King determined to win the battle. 

The craftsmen believe that if you are working to achieve a goal, it is better to remove the umbrella as the figure will keep you motivated. Once you achieve the goal, reinstall it and enjoy your achievements.



High Quality

Our figurine is prolifically crafted using high-quality materials. It comes with a plating of 999 Silver and its base is designed with copper and brass. It is a worthy investment in every aspect.

A Perfect Gifting Option

Don't just buy it for yourself, purchase it for your associates and loved ones too!

They will surely love a thoughtful gift with a lot of symbolic importance. Don't you think?

Besides, everyone should get a taste of your exquisite taste when it comes to royal decor. After all, its intricate design and luxurious feel are worth sharing with near and dear ones

Traditional Art of India

Crafting silver plated figurines with precise detailing is a 1,000 years old Indian Art that originated in the state of Rajasthan. Inspired by the culture and royal traditions of the state, this art is cherished by many.

However, it is not just any art as it is practiced within a small community of artisans in Rajasthan making it rare and extra special.

Exquisitely Handcrafted

Be it the King figurine or the free elephant that comes with it, both are 100% crafted by hands which makes it even more valuable and exquisite. Our expert artisans spend around 15-20 days creating such intricate pieces of art.

Don't you think you are getting it at a very low price as compared to its actual value? It is a steal deal and you should grab it at all costs.

The Perfect Size

The King Figuring is just the perfect size as it measures 5x3x10 cm and you can easily place it

anywhere you want. The added benefit is that the figurine does not disturb any of the existing items of the place where you put it. Besides, it only weighs 100 gms making it highly portable and easy to carry around. 

High-Quality Packaging

We ship our products in packaging that justifies the beauty and standards of our products. The King figurine as well as the free elephant figurine come with beautiful and high-quality packaging. The packaging comprises 3.5 mm foam for the additional safety of the products.

The best part is that you can reuse the packaging to store the figurines, when not in use or to carry them from one place to another.

So, what are you still waiting for? Just place your order and elevate the aesthetics of your favorite spot.

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