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Cottage Handicraft ,Photo Frame White with free Elephant Gift

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Handicraft home picture photo frame


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A work of art to display that cherished image.

  • Wooden photo frames are very long-lasting and can keep a memory alive for a very long time.
  • Our design enables you to turn your idea into a reality.
  • Wood picture frames are an excellent alternative for creating a specific atmosphere in the house or office. It might be antique, contemporary, or exquisite.
  • Custom wood picture frames are an excellent choice for adding aesthetic and inventive appeal to your home. Such photo frames are adjustable and cost-effective, and our company sells frames at a reasonable and competitive price.
  • Wood picture frames may be easily cleaned with little effort. If you have a frame manufactured by us, wash it, and you'll have a brand new photo frame in front of you.
  • The vibrant colors are eye-catching and will undoubtedly bring a touch of attitude to your dcor.
  • Wooden photo frames are classic. There has been a need for frames accessible in traditional designs for many years.
  • Regardless of the kind of interior design you have in your home or business, a wood picture frame will never be out of place with the congruous culls. It only serves to enhance the interior decor of any home or office

100% Handcrafted!

Every region and verbalize in India are ken for its ethnic crafts, which are all made by great artists. They are labors of profound relish that are meticulously engendered by hand, and as a result, no two items are equipollent. Furthermore, the products are purchased directly from the artists in sundry components of the country. So, whenever you buy a product, you're getting something genuine and one-of-a-kind.

Sturdy Packaging 

We believe in pure customer satisfaction & selling best handicrafts product, so our orders are always checked, and we ensure that all of our items have well-sturdy packaging.  


Key Product Features
  • Wooden photo frames are long-lasting : Wooden photo frames are always for a longer time. They remain alive for years without getting broken down and embellish the impression of the wall by amplifying their glow. Wooden frames leave the impression nothing can ever.
  • It might be antique or contemporary : Wooden photo frames can be antique or contemporary. Whether it is antique or contemporary it will always be exquisite and remarkably exceptional in leaving the indelible impression around or sprucing-up the atmosphere.
  • It is totally hand-crafted : Wooden photo frame is an antique piece of creativity which is totally hand-crafted. This hand-crafted work is different than the normal hand-crafted work as it is done by award winning artisans who make it more valuable with all their highly exceptional artistic skills. So buying and hanging it over one of the walls will make the look of the wall distinct.
  • It is an exclusive Home decor piece : As it is uniquely hand-crafted product its beauty is exceptionally exceptional which gives your environment a new look. Moreover its beauty compels the people come to your home to ask about the place you have purchased from. So you can count it among the exclusive home decor pieces.

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