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Cottage Handicraft ,Photo Frame Coloured with free Elephant Gift

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Handicrafts home Indigo picture frames

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  • Multicolored wooden picture frames are highly durable; they can keep a memory alive for a very long time. A handicraft that has been crafted primarily from mango wood, it is valued for its excellence in craftsmanship & for its decorative value.
  • They are crafted with paramount care, manufactured by the hands of award victor artists who take time to make such natural color photo frames categorically. The artisans who made this masterpiece work very placidly as they have to wait for 6 hours to dry the paint after consummating each segment of design.
  • An embossed frame in traditional style enhances the appearance of your wall while keeping your precious memories close to you for a long time. Weighing at approx 440 grams & dimensions 23*28*1 multi-color wooden photo frames with the glass in the center are very long-lasting & showcase your captured moment.
  • Multicolored wood picture frames are ideal for creating a certain vibe in the home or business. It might be old, modern, or elegant. These wood picture frames are an excellent cull for integrating aesthetic and ingenious appeal to your habitation. Such picture frames are both adaptable and cost-efficacious. 
  • Wood picture frames may be cleaned with little effort. If you have a frame made by us, you may thoroughly wash it, and you've got a new picture frame in front of you. The Vibrant colors are eye-gaze-worthy and add a little bit of sass to your dcor.
  • No matter what kind of interior design you have in your room or workplace, a multi-colored wood picture frame can never go erroneous with the congruous culls. It yarely complements the interior design of any habitation or workplace.

All-time favorite handicraft product

Photos are always best preserved in photo frames rather than on mobile phones, which are expeditiously forgotten. Capture your lovely moments and cherished recollections with our Multicolored picture frame, which expresses its delicate elegance with its minimalistic pattern and emboss work design. Capture your beautiful moments and precious memories with our multi-colored vibrant picture frame, which expresses its delicate elegance in its minimalistic way. This picture frame has a traditional appearance and is popular because mango wood frames give vitality, can be built in a broad range of forms, and allow for various surface treatments.

Vibrant Colors & Emboss artwork

Our artisans are extremely particular about the materials they use for their handicrafts, and they always do what is best for their work. The use of natural colors creates a vibrant feel that is also safe for the wood. This picture frame with brilliant pattern and multicolor embossed work adds a glorious and antique element to your home dcor and demonstrates your exceptional taste.

Keep Memories Safe

Keeping photographs in a photo frame allows them to live longer. Because it does not let outside factors into the frame, you may be certain that the photo quality will not deteriorate soon. As a result, the image will be stored for a long time, enabling you to remember all of the great memories captured in the photograph.

Everyone loves picture frames.

Photo frames are excellent presents for everyone. We enjoy photo frames because they aren't restricted to a certain group of people, and nobody is too old, rugged, or delicate to appreciate a photo frame.

High-Quality Packaging

We ship our products in packaging that justifies the beauty & standards of our products. The Multicolored photo frame comes with beautiful & high-quality packaging, which includes 3 mm foam for the additional safety of the frame & glass. You can also reuse our packaging in carrying one place to another as it's eco-friendly. We believe in complete customer happiness; thus, our orders are constantly double-checked, and we make certain that all of our things are well-packaged.

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