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Oziflow Premium Rainwater Harvesting: Save up to 120 Gallons with 2 Super-Slim Oziflow Rain Barrel Water Tanks & Starting Kit and Connecting Kit. The Space-Saving, Rainwater Collecting Solution - SPRING SPECIAL

by Oziflow
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Unlock Space-Saving Rainwater Harvesting with your Oziflow Tank System

The Oziflow Tank system revolutionizes rainwater harvesting and storage with its unique, space-saving design. Crafted for positioning along fences and walls without encroaching on driveways and walkways, this system sets the standard in maximizing water storage capacity without compromising valuable space.

Key Features: Up to 60 Gallons of Capacity: Each Oziflow slimline tank contains up to an impressive 60-gallon capacity, catering to homeowners and businesses seeking efficient rainwater capture and storage.

Expandable Storage: Easily connect multiple tanks using the included installation kit to meet growing water storage needs.

Durable HD0840 Copolymer Plastic: Crafted from food-grade HD0840 Copolymer plastic, these tanks are built to endure harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and performance in outdoor environments.

Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting: Designed for hassle-free maintenance and enduring quality, the Oziflow Tank system promises years of efficient rainwater harvesting.

The Oziflow Tank system represents a ground-breaking solution for efficient rainwater harvesting and storage. Its innovative design, coupled with durable food-grade plastic construction, ensures both space-saving and long-lasting performance.

Say goodbye to traditional limitations and experience rainwater harvesting made simple with Oziflow Super-slim Rainwater Tanks.

Key Product Features
  • PREMIUM RAINWATER COLLECTION: Harvest natural rainfall and make a positive impact for the environment by saving rainwater efficiently.
  • MODULAR WATER COLLECTING: Oziflow Super-Slim Rain Harvesting Tanks optimize water storage without occupying valuable space
  • providing a smart solution for tight areas. As your family and garden grows
  • so does your system.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: A premium system that looks great and saves space
  • rest easy with our "Watertight for Life" guarantee.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: While Oziflow Slimline Tanks are easy to install
  • it's important to note that they are not self-supporting. To ensure safety and stability
  • secure them to approved structures using the provided Oziflow Starting Kit or Oziflow Connecting Kit.

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