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OneRoot Triple Set - 500g x 3 - Unpasteurized Canadian Honey - Ethically Harvested, Northern Region, Enzyme-Rich, Traceable Single-Source, Non-GMO, Ideal for Cooking and Baking

by Oneroot
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Set of three (3) Oneroot Honey jars. Always traceable, single-source, and raw.

  1. Organic Raw Wildflower Honey - 500g
  2. Natural Raw Buckwheat Honey - 500g
  3. Natural Raw Wildflower Honey - 500g

What sets us apart?

We all love the sweet taste of honey. But do you know where your honey comes from and how it's processed? The majority of honey in the market are mixed with cheaper honey known to be contaminated and mixed with syrup. Regulations exist to limit or ban contaminated honey, but the big companies find ways to launder them into our markets.

We wanted natural honey harvested using only ethical and organic beekeeping methods. We traveled across Canada, looking for the cleanest land for honeybees. And we are confident we have the best honey Canada has to offer.

Honey from the North

Honey harvested from colder climate is known to have higher concentration of its natural health benefits. Cold climate is less prone to diseases, and thus allows for organic beekeeping methods without the use of antibiotics or chemicals. We only bottle unpasteurized raw honey from clean floral sources.

Never Mixed or Blended

Our honey is always from a single source. It is never mixed with other honey. We believe honey should be appreciated for its local unique flavour and aroma. All of our honey is 100% traceable, and that means we can pinpoint which area and which flowers the honey came from. With most brands of honey, distributors and even the producer will not be able to tell you where their honey came from because they've been blended with barrels of outside honey.

Taste the difference

Try our honey straight from the beehive and experience the true taste of Northern Canadian Honey.

No Use of Antibiotics. Never Heated. Active Enzymes.

Raw natural honey straight from the beehives of Northern Ontario, Canada. Raw honey retains all its healthful properties; rich in nutrients with enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids. In its natural form, this honey has traces of beeswax, pollen, and propolis.

Tested for Antibiotics and Pesticides

All of our honey are free of antibiotics. Because our honey comes from unpolluted northern Canadian regions, we are able to keep our bees healthy without the use of antibiotics.

OneRoot honey is annually tested through University of Guelph Laboratory Services to test for presence of antibiotic and pesticides.

Key Product Features
  • Kosher

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