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Metris Instruments Mini Infrared Thermometer Digital Compact Model TN002PC

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In making sure that your home is a place of comfort for your family, make Metris Instrument Mini Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun TN002PC a household must-have, from your fish tank care to your cooking needs.

With over 20 years of expertise, Metris Instruments offers a premiere family of food service and industrial-grade - TN and EC Series - non-contact infrared thermometers.

It's easy to use. Good grip, fast reading, solid buttons, backlight display, and battery indicator, all make this digital thermometer user-friendly.

Fits in your purse. Carry it anywhere youll need it. Our infrared thermometer gun can be used as a pool thermometer for your indoor or outdoor activities, or simply as a griddle thermometer for your BBQ moments.

Take accurate readings. At 2% of reading with the distance to target ratio of 1:1, you can depend on the accuracy of our infrared thermometer gun for cooking, such as a grill temperature gauge, and freezer thermometer.

With a wide range of measurements and uses, check the surface temperatures of everyday household tools and appliances for safety. 

For Cooking: Use this non-contact thermometer as a grill temperature gauge, beverages or wine thermometer, candy thermometer, or as a compost thermometer. Measure safely, use this feature-packed thermometer gun for cooking.

For Your Pets: Easily take your fish tank's temperature and reptile tank's temperature. Its perfect as a terrarium thermometer, its digital, cordless, and compact.

For child Safety: Check temperatures of pools, sand, playground equipment, and car seats. 

Our infrared thermometer gun is feature-packed:

  • Highly accurate 2% of reading
  • Measure surface temperatures from -27 to 428F (-33 to 220C)
  • Distance to target ratio = 1:1, measure 1 inch area at 1 inch
  • No laser
  • Auto-off with battery indicator
  • Compact size w/ pocket clip
  • Robust, heavy-duty metal case
  • Industrial-grade, not for use on humans

NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS: This is not designed to accurately measure the internal temperature of the human body.

Key Product Features
  • Easy-to-use: good grip
  • solid buttons
  • backlight display and battery indicator
  • Accurate reading: ± 2% of reading
  • distance to target ratio of 1:1
  • no laser
  • Wide Range of MeasurementL: -27 to 428F (-33° to 220°C)
  • best used on surfaces
  • Multi-use
  • for cooking
  • pools
  • hobbies: fish tanks
  • terrarium tanks
  • Compact size with pocket clip
  • fits in your purse
  • have it when you need it

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