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Metris Instruments Food Thermometer, Digital Meat Thermometer Model TCT703

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With over 20 years of expertise, Metris Instruments offers a premiere family of food service and industrial-grade - TN and EC Series - non-contact infrared thermometers.  We offer you Metris Instruments Food Thermometer, Digital Meat Thermometer Model TCT703.

The TCT703 measures surface temperatures with infrared and internal food temperatures with stainless steel needle tip probe. Our innovative infrared thermometer is a must-have kitchen tool.

A 3-in-1 Temperature Monitoring Unit, an (1) infrared thermometer, (2) a 2.00 mm needle tip probe for food inspection and a (3) HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) alarm, for critical inspections on food safety.

Its perfect as a surface thermometer or non contact thermometer, and griddle thermometer. But this is not your typical non contact thermometer. Why?

Its Stainless Steel 2.00mm Needle Tip Meat Probe, you can also measure internal temperatures with ease. Ensure meat doneness to perfection with this temperature probe.

Easy-to-use, laser aim and target, with good grip, lock mode, minimum or maximum mode, battery indicator, visual diagnostics on warning lights or error messages, instruction and probe function. This could easily be your go-to kitchen thermometer for cooking!

Make accurate and fast reading with its 1/10th degree [1.1 F (0.6C)] readings for accurate measurements on this digital infrared laser thermometer, instant-read with a powerful distance to spot size ratio of 8:1. 

Take a wide range of measurements from temperatures from -76 to 662F (-60 to 350C). The 8 point circular laser accurately outlines the target area on contact internal readings and non-contact surface temperature readings. Used as a soup thermometer, griddle thermometer, bbq thermometer, candy thermometer, or as a meat thermometer.

Food safety is top priority. Avoid risks of cross-contamination and possible condensation build-up on the lens from mist, steam or fog. The readings conform to HACCP accuracy guidelines within the danger zones of 40 to 140 degrees F. Stay safe, have this thermometer gun for cooking.

TCT703 meets accuracy requirements by FDA HACCP and NSF International. It is feature-packed to ensure a user-friendly experience.

  • High Accuracy, 1/10th degree for accurate readings
  • Wide Temperature Range: -76 to 662F (-60 to 350C)
  • 2.00mm Stainless Steel Probe Fast Response time in just 3 seconds for internal food temperatures
  • Distance to Target Ratio of 8:1, with an 8-point red laser sighting system
  • Professional grade, it meets FDA's HACCP accuracy requirements 
  • User-friendly, lock mode, battery indicator, and visual diagnostics LCD Display
  • 3-IN-1 Temperature readings. Infrared for surfaces and liquids, 2.00mm Stainless Steel Probe for Internal scans, HACCP Warning Lights & LCD Warning of Danger Zones 40F to 140F, Green LCD = Good and Red LCD = Danger Zone

NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS: This is not designed to accurately measure the internal temperature of the human body.

Key Product Features
  • User-friendly: Simply aim and target
  • with battery indicator
  • visual diagnostics
  • Accurate & fast: 8 circular lasers for targeting & response time at 3 seconds
  • Wide Range of Measurement: For temperatures from -40 to 536°F (-40 to 280°C)
  • Measure safely: Contactless or with 2.00mm stainless steel probe for internal temperature
  • Professional grade: meets FDA's HACCP accuracy
  • NSF International Certified

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