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Metris Instruments Digital Food Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer Model FI40

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With over 20 years of expertise, Metris Instruments offers a premiere family of food service and industrial-grade TN and EC Series non-contact infrared thermometers.  We offer you Metris Instruments Digital Food Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer Model FI40.

Our industrial-grade Food Inspector Infrared Thermometer is a must-have kitchen tool.

Easy-to-use laser thermometer gun, effortless aiming and targeting with its bright built-in dual laser, good grip, auto-off feature, low battery icon, carry case, 9V battery and instruction. This could easily be your go-to kitchen thermometer for cooking!

Make accurate, safe and fast reading with its dual lasers, 0.5 seconds response time, and powerful distance spot size ratio of 16:1 - this means greater distance from your target. Used as a soup thermometer, griddle thermometer, bbq thermometer, candy thermometer, or as a meat thermometer.

Take a wide range of measurements from temperatures from -40 to 536F (-40 to 280C). Its dual twin red dot lasers accurately outline the target area to 0.87 inches to obtain quick and accurate readings on surfaces. Perfect as a surface thermometer or non contact thermometer, and griddle thermometer.

Food safety is top priority. With this cooking thermometer, avoid risks of cross-contamination and possible condensation build-up on the lens from mist, steam or fog. The readings conform to HACCP accuracy guidelines within the danger zones of 40 to 140 degrees F. Stay safe, have this thermometer gun for cooking.

Model FI40L exceeds the accuracy requirements required by the FDA Food Code 1999 Annex 4 Section 8. It is feature-packed to ensure a user-friendly experience.

  • High Accuracy, dual twin red dot lasers for precise targeting
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40 to 536F (-40 to 280C)
  • Response time in less than 0.5 seconds
  • Distance to Target Ratio of 16:1, greater distance from the target with accuracy, greater safety,
  • Professional grade, it meets FDA's HACCP accuracy requirements for infrared of only 1.8 degrees F (1C) within danger zones of 40 to 140F.
  • User-friendly, effortless aiming and targeting, good grip, auto-off feature, low battery icon, carry case and instruction
  • Ready to use, 9V battery included

NOT FOR USE ON HUMANS: This is not designed to accurately measure the internal temperature of the human body.

Key Product Features
  • Easy-to-use: Auto-off feature, low battery icon, alarm feature, carry case
  • Accurate and fast: Dual twin red dot lasers, fast response time at 0.5 seconds
  • Wide Range of Measurement: -40 to 536°F (-40 to 280°C) for your cooking needs
  • Measure safely: minimum 16 inches from your target to 0.87-inch diameter
  • Professional grade, meets FDA's HACCP accuracy requirements, highly reliable

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