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Cottage Handicraft - Faux Leaf Wall Hanging with Free Elephant Gift

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An Eternal Leaf.

  • Faux leaf made of metal is the unique piece of work from your dcor.
  • They need no upkeep since they are artificial. This makes them particularly attractive to those who have busy lives and lack interest in gardening.
  • This leaf looks perfect for those who like minimalistic designs and love treating their homes with a natural aesthetic. 
  • Being ideal to be gifted, this piece of work can easily steal the show whenever presented. 
  • A leaf symbolizes hope, renewal, and growth, making it ideal for offices. Being faux, the leaf depicts eternity and never-ending growth.
  • The faux leaf is the perfect alternative for those that still want the aesthetic benefits of lush greenery, but without the effort and the need for gardening know-how.

Made with Metal!

This faux leaf symbolizes eternity as it will never ever dry. Our artisans decided to pick metal for making the leaf for its durability and longevity.

Shimmering Finish!

To produce a photo-realistic appearance, the leaf is coloured green and black, with green utilized for the leaf's lamina and black used for the mid-rib. The grooves of the leaf represent the venules and veins of a genuine leaf. Sufficient space has been supplied to complement the realistic appearance with well-defined grooves.

Suitable for decoration!

These faux greenery leaves may be used for wall decoration, house decoration, door god photographs, and to adorn indoor and outdoor areas such as a balcony, garden, weddings, living room, kitchen, shopping mall, party, workplace, etc. restaurant.

Enhances the atmosphere around you!

Being light-weight, the leaf produces a fantastic fresh and greenery atmosphere around you, making you feel energetic. Hanging the leaf for the balcony will provide greenery and beauty to your house. It might be utilized as house dcor or as a door decoration.

Antique yet modern!

This trendy wall dcor is made of metal, robust and long-lasting. The wall decor's rust resistance allows it to keep its beautiful appearance for an extended period of time. 

Made to utmost perfection

Our faux leaf is constructed of metal, and it usually takes the artists roughly 10-15 days to create this masterpiece. The leaf is tightly attached to the stalks and is difficult to spill. The artists spray-painted the leaf to offer a colourful but contrasting aesthetic.

Perfect Dimensions

Our artists spend days figuring out the optimal dimension to weight ratio to guarantee that every handmade item is visually stunning. It's a well-kept piece of work, with dimensions of 17*43*2 in length, breadth, and height.

Sturdy Packaging 

We believe in pure customer satisfaction, so our orders are always checked, and we ensure that all of our items have well-sturdy packaging. 

Key Product Features
  • Faux leaf is similar to natural leaf : If you want to give natural impression to the walls of your home by using artificial leaves then you can seriously pick up faux leaf to achieve this dream. It looks natural and gives a unique and fresh touch to the walls of your home.
  • Metallic Faux leaf is a long-lasting product : As it is made up of metal it is a product for the lifetime. Purchase it for only once and have the advantage for the lifetime. Its metal doesn't get corroded and doesn't get tarnished and that"s why spreads the same effulgence for longer
  • It add flavour to your walls : The way it has been embellished with green and black colour gives it a realistic appearance which adds realistic flavour to the surroundings and walls.
  • It is a perfect gift for every occasion : The faux leaf is a perfect gift for every occasion. Everyone whom you are presenting it as a gift will appreciate your choice and will be highly thankful to you for this gift due to the charm this leaf will add to your home"s interior.
  • It is an outcome of Sincere Hard-work : It is not very easy to mould metal into the structure of leaf but it is only due to the sincere hard work of award winning artisans that they do it with all their unique skills which take at-least 10 to 15 days.

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