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Koyo Orient Japan | Roasted Green Tea Hojicha Powder Latte Mix with Brown Sugar | Served Hot or Cold | No Additives | 10x0.35oz Packets Per Bag

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100% Additive-Free Roasted green tea powder with brown sugar hojicha latte mix. Make delicious hojicha lattes at home by simply adding the milk of your choice.

A modern version of Chaippe culture - A Story behind Hojicha Tea.

In Kagoshima, south of Japan, people traditionally offer guests and their families chaippe a cup of tea with brown sugar cubes for good luck, good health, and a moment of relaxation.

We've created a modern version of Chaippe by mixing locally sourced roasted green tea powder with brown sugar. Why not indulge yourself or your next guest with a chaippe?

The tea leaves are from Kinko, Kagoshima, where the picking of new tea leaves starts earlier than anywhere else in mainland Japan. Tea leaves from Kinko are said to be rare due to their quality and small production volume.

A Japanese tea master from Kinko has carefully selected and blended three types of first pluck tea leaves, Saemidori, Yutakamidori, and Yabukita, and roasted them himself specially for this product.

We only use unrefined cane sugar which has lots of minerals compared to regular sugar.

  • Hojicha (roasted green tea) latte powder mix
  • Simply a blend of roasted green tea powder and unrefined cane sugar
  • Can easily be mixed with milk and served as a hojicha latte
  • Mix 2 packets with 6 to 8 oz of milk; whisk or shake well until dissolved
  • Hojicha (roasted green tea) has an earthy, nutty, and smoky flavor
  • Tea leaves selected and blended by a Japanese tea master
  • The product is manufactured in a facility that processes other products that may contain soy
Key Product Features
  • 100% Additive-Free
  • Cafe quality tea latte at home by mixing with any type of milk
  • Product of Japan
  • 1/3 caffeine compared to coffee
  • Uses unrefined cane sugar with lots of minerals

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