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KOMFORTSTOR Baby Milestone Blanket | Whimsical Design | 1-12 Months & Weeks | 60x40 Inches | Extra Large | Includes Felt Props | 255 GSM Thick | 8 Important Milestones

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Don't miss out on every Facebook & Insta-worthy moment with this beautifully designed milestone blanket.

Every important baby milestones should be remembered and what better way to celebrate it but with a memorable picture. You wont need to hire a professional photographer anymore as you can use your own phone and use this beautifully designed milestone blanket as your backdrop.

  • This exclusive Balloons in the Sky design includes 8 important milestone achievements plus 12 months and weeks in one blanket. The materials used in this product is thicker than your typical milestone blanket providing comfort to your baby while taking pictures. You can also use this as an everyday blanket. This can also be used during the cold months because of its fluffiness and provides warmth to your loved one.
  • Its made with a superior quality printing method that features high-end graphics that stays colorful and fluffy after wash. The design and structure of the materials that the creator used in this product would make your baby feel like hes laying in a bed of soft clouds. This is inspired by climbing the mountains and overseeing the clouds while hot air balloons rise in the surface.
  • Its also made with 100% premium flannel fleece thats 255gsm thick and 60x40 inches in measurement which is bigger and more luxe than your typical milestone blanket that only provides 47x47 inches and 220gsm in thickness.
  • Its included with bonus props made of felt so that moms and dads can track their baby's once in a lifetime individual milestones as these moments are worth celebrating with a photo. It can also indicate the babys age in months or weeks, making this as the all-in-one blanket youll ever need.
  • Finally, its packaged as a perfect baby shower present. Moms-to-be will love it.

The design includes 8 important milestone achievements:

* Smiled

* Crawled

* Sat Up

* Rolled Over

* Slept Through the Night

* Got My First Tooth

* Said My First Word

* Stood Up

Plus 12 months and weeks to choose from.

It's extra-large, ultra-soft, and super fluffy.

A top-grade blanket made with an original sophisticated design that stays flat and colorful after wash.

Wrapped as a perfect baby shower present moms-to-be will love this.

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