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Cottage Handicraft ,Handiwood Tray an Epitome of Heritage with Free Elephant Gift

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An Epitome of Heritage 

  • Handiwood tray is a very durable utensil. As long as you take proper care of it, you can expect it to give you a long service. Wooden trays are hard to break unlike other plastic trays which get cracks really soon.
  • Crafted with paramount care. Plenarily manufactured by the hands of award victor artists which take time to categorically make such masterpieces. The artisans who made this masterpiece work very placidly as they have to wait for 6 hours to dry the paint after consummating each segment of design.
  • Emboss artwork created on this with jerkin & mirror work. This workstyle showcase traditional art of Rajasthan weighing at approximately 980 grams & dimensions 37*36*4. 
  • Our Handitray is made up of mango wood it is indeed very much environment friendly and using stuff which is eco-friendly is the need of the hour after so much pollution and viruses happening in the world.
  • If you believe that given all of the benefits a handiwood tray provides, it must be arduous to keep, you are misconstrued. A handiwood tray is authentically simple to maintain. If your tray develops stains on it, you may simply clean them with a dry towel. 
  • There are two very ergonomic two handles which help to grab the tray at a good angle for better serving and presentation angles

USPs of Handiwood tray

  1. Emblazoned Artwork with Jerkin
  2. Artisanship at its best.
  3. Carefully crafted with the base painted in different traditional styles! 


Wood is a sustainable, long-lasting, and renewable resource. Unlike standard plastic food trays, these rectangular oak serving trays are safe for the environment and contain no risks. Mango wood is used to make our trays. Retro colors might help you decorate your home more effectively. They're light and have a lot of carrying capacity.

Multipurpose uses

Embellish your living room, dining, or side table, making it a valuable addition to any design. This wooden tray may be used for a variety of purposes, including serving coffee, tea, and finger foods at home, at parties, and at weddings. Great for serving food and beverages, breakfast in bed, for ottoman; conducive as a lap tray or an organizer for magazines and accessories. It's the perfect present for any occasion! It is made of fine quality row hitch ensures a long life and high-quality polish. 

A perfect Gift 

It is an exquisite present because of its lovely carved design. A gift to adore and it will undoubtedly help your loved ones to organise their kitchen. Our artists spend days figuring out the optimal dimension to weight ratio to guarantee that every handmade item is visually stunning. The artists who came up with this masterpiece labor tranquilly since they must wait 6 hours for the paint to dry after consummating each part of pattern. 

This was entirely created by the hands of award-winning artists. The craft done on this elephant is embossed craft. Being handcrafted goods, color, print, and pattern variations are possible.

Traditional Art of India 

Crafting mango wood handitray with jerkin work is 1,000 years old Indian Art that originated in the state of Rajasthan. Inspired by the culture & royal traditions of the state, this art is cherished by the kings & maharajas of the state as every item were served in this uniquely designed Handitray! It is practiced with a artisans of Rajasthan making it rare & extra special. 

Key Prouct Feturess
  • It is durable product : Composed of mango-wood hand-wood tray is a durable product which runs for longer in comparison to plastic try which gets easily broken down.
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  • Its embossing work is simply outstanding : Its embossing work including jerking and mirror work is done by award winning artisans which makes it look out of all the trays. Moreover this embossing work gives it a royal and antique look and attracts people to purchase it.
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  • It is Eco-friendly : As it is made up of mango-wood it is eco-friendly in nature and doesn't pollute the environment like plastic tray which makes it fir for maximum use.
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  • It is a unique gift : Hand-wood tray is so attractive and fascinating that nothing could be best than giving this item as a gift wherever and whichever occasion you are going to visit for.
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  • It can be used for Multi-purpose work : Beauty and attraction of hand-wood tray makes it useful for multi-purpose works like it can be used to keep snacks, serving cold-drinks, serving coffee, tea and finger foods. Moreover it can also be used for different purposes at different occasions like weddings school functions etc.

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