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Cottage Handicraft ,Hand-made Paper Vintage Journal with one stone- 4096 with free Elephant Gift

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Cottage handicraft - handmade paper Vintage journal with a stone/ Vintage look journal/best item to be gifted/attractive leather wrapping journal/vintage key journal/every purpose journal.

1.  This vintage journal looks fabulous :

These days vintage journals are more in demand and everyone wants to use vintage journals as they appear out of the box with their exquisite aura. Vintage journals are not the common journals with the common look. In fact, they speak through their own charm and their own beauty. The touch they offer, the feel they have, and the mysteriously attractive look they possess are extremely remarkable. This Hand-made paper vintage journal with one stone is such a piece of the fabulous and antique journal. 

2.   Its Leather wrapping is just speechless :

Its Leather wrapping is the next reason why it looks speechless. Leather packing gives beautiful finishing to this journal and makes it look more stunning and fascinating. A single glimpse of the leather finish is sufficient to compel anyone who looks at it to purchase it. The Buff leather not only gives a beautiful glow to it but also helps the hand-made paper attached at one place. 

3.   Its perfect look steals the attention :

The hand-made paper vintage journal with one semi-precious stone is such beautiful that it attracts the attention of everyone. The semi-precious stone embedded in the leather part appears like the crown of the journal which gives it a royal look and attracts people to it. It is one of the best journals cottage handicrafts have. It is all its stunning beauty due to the Leather touch and the semi-precious stones which makes it look different than the other journals and this is the main reason why maximum eyes purchase it for them. Buying it from cottage handicrafts is going to give you an experience you will remember forever. 

4.   Its Sturdy Binding is perfect  :

If you are purchasing a journal, you must not forget to check its binding as it is only the binding that makes the journal run for longer. Its only the sturdy binding of the journal which makes it survive for long. The sturdy binding along with leather wrapping makes the journal alive to make the journal owner write on its pages. The binding is the most important part of the journal. 

5.   Its hand-made papers attract you to write :

People not only purchase this Journal because of its attractive Leather finish with a precious stone or its sturdy binding but also because of the hand-made papers which attract the one to inscribe the pen over them. The quality of the hand-made papers is such amazing and antique that no one can resist purchasing it. The glow of its papers attracts everyone because of the touch and the uniquely attractive feel. Once you start writing something on its paper, the paper will not your pen let go down and will keep you connected throughout. 

6.   The best gift item ever  :

Journal is always the best gift item to be gifted to people around you. Age never matters when you give a journal as a gift to someone and this is the best thing about giving a journal as a gift. It is attractive in its look and precious too. The journal is for every age. If you are presenting it to someone who is a student, then he can make the notes utilizing it. If you are presenting it to someone who is an office-going person, then he can write his daily work utilizing it. So, the journal is for all and you can present it to any aged person.

7.   Free gift with every purchase :

Whatever you will purchase, you will get a free silver electro-plated elephant figurine. The fascinating and exquisite elephant figurine is a royal piece of decoration that can be placed in your Living Room, Dining Room, Office, or wherever you will place it, it will make the surroundings royal with its royal look. Whether you purchase a single product or you purchase a number of products, you will receive a free elephant figurine with every purchase

8.   About Cottage Handicraft : 

Cottage Handicraft maintains its own reputation in providing the best quality products. The customers which order something from Cottage Handicraft order multiple things because they strongly have faith in our quality and the products we are delivering. We are very sure that your money is not going to be wasted if you order anything from us. Our first priority is to satisfy your need, both product-wise and Quality wise. Customers who purchase something from Cottage Handicraft never complain. Moreover, the compliments we are receiving make us feel highly motivated and energetic.


Key Product Features
  • The hand-made vintage paper journal looks fabulous : The quality of this journal is just amazing which attracts every other vintage journal lover. The leather finish with its semi-precious stone touch is amazing and gives it a glow different. Its upper part is having a mysterious glow which makes it look highly attractive.
  • Its Leather wrapping is just amazing : Wrapped in leather the journal comes out in a perfect look. Its Leather wrapping is sturdy and preserves the papers to get damage from every natural way. Moreover
  • the leather covering enhances the look of the journal and makes it more impressive.
  • It contains 200 cotton pages : The Hand-made paper vintage journal contains 200 pages without any lines and all the pages look mysteriously attractive. These papers attract people to write whatever comes to their minds. 200 pages are sufficient if you want to write a story or if you are going to write your daily routine activities
  • then the journal is going to run for more than half a year. Such two journals can make your year beautiful.
  • The vintage lock gives it a glow unique : One of the most beautiful attractions of the journal is its vintage lock. Its fascinating look gives a mysterious glow to the journal. Its lock is the just next attraction after the embedded semi-precious stone which compels every customer to purchase it. So
  • if you too are searching for vintage journals
  • why don't you try this beautiful one. This journal is going to make your future journey awesome.
  • The best companion ever : The vintage journal is so awesome that is going to be your best companion ever. It is the classy look of the journal which makes it your best companion. Wherever you go you can have it along with you to write whatever comes to your mind or you can make your own notes. The perfect finish and outstanding glow of the vintage hand-made cotton paper journal is the thing which compels it to be the best companion ever.

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