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FRIDGGI - 3in1 Alarm - Door Ajar, Chime with Delay, 0/5/10/30/60 Seconds, 2/5 Minutes, Close Door Reminder, 80 to 120 dB, Time Delay Alarm for Freezer, Home, Shop (White)

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FRIDGGI 3in1 Alarm offers an exclusive range of settings: 7 delays (0s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, 2min, and 5min) and 6 volume levels (3 chimes + 3 alarms). Enjoy up to 42 possibilities by mixing all options, for use as a close door reminder, chime with delay, or as a basic anti-theft door alarm.

Protect Kids, Dementia & Alzheimer's patients when a door is left open or ajar, using regular reminders with adjustable delay and loudness.

Set the Delay to 10 seconds, so you can enter and leave home without triggering the alarm, but it can deter anyone that breaks in (after 10s).

FRIDGGI 3in1 time delay door alarm, is a standalone device ready to use with 6 double-sided adhesives and 2X AAA batteries included; they can last for 12 months.

2 Tones:

  • Choose the gentle Chime (3 Levels: 80, 90, or 100 dB) if you need effective but not annoying Alerts or use Loud Siren (3 Levels: 90, 100, or 120 dB) in a noisy area or as a door security alarm.

7 Modes:

  • Mode A (1 beep confirmation): Alert after 5sec, a reminder every 10s (Baby gate, Lab door...).
  • Mode B (2 beeps confirmation): Alert after 10sec, a reminder every 15s (Kid, Dog, Cat escape...).
  • Mode C (3 beeps confirmation): Alert after 30sec, a reminder every 20s (Alzheimers, Dementia patients...).
  • Mode D (4 beeps confirmation): Alert after 60sec, a reminder every 30s (Basement, Freezer door...).
  • Mode E (5 beeps confirmation): Alert after 0sec, a reminder every 5s (Entry chime, Anti-theft Alert).
  • Mode F (6 beeps confirmation): Alert after 2 minutes, a reminder every 2min (Garage, Shed door...).
  • Mode G (7 beeps confirmation): Alert after 5 minutes, a reminder every 5min (Factory, Shop door...).


Set Mode E (5 beeps confirmation) to immediately check if the gap between the alarm and magnet is correct ( <1 cm ), mount using the included adhesives.

Key Product Features
  • Exclusive - With the original Fridggi 3in1
  • enjoy up to 42 possibilities by mixing all options (7 Delays
  • 3 Chimes and 3 Sirens).
  • Mode D - Alert after 60 seconds
  • a reminder every 30s
  • auto stop after 120min or door closed (Basement
  • Freezer door...).
  • Mode C - Alert after 30 seconds
  • a reminder every 20s
  • auto stop after 60min or door closed (Alzheimers
  • Dementia patients...).
  • Mode B - Alert after 10 seconds
  • a reminder every 15s
  • auto stop after 30min or door closed (Alarm bypass
  • Patio door...).
  • Mode A - Alert after 5 seconds
  • a reminder every 10s
  • auto stop after 30min or door closed (Baby gate
  • Lab door...).

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