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Cottage Handicraft - Crown Charka - Violet Tibetan Singing Bowl with free Elephant Gift

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1. General Introduction & Origin of Tibetan Singing Bowls - In the history of the world, the Origin of the Magical Tibetan Singing bowl is not very clear, but some researches done by The experts of this field say, that this phenomenal and magical piece of metal was made from an alloy amalgamated with a number of metals earlier to some 6000 years somewhere in the east region of our country. 

It is said that it was invented by some tourists who visited the Himalayas some 6000 years ago and it was only after when Chinese entered Tibet that the instrument gained worldwide popularity.

2. It is made up of - This incredibly unique piece of Violet Singing Bowl is made up of pure brass. Pure Brass is the material which is responsible to provide the toughness to the singing bowls. This toughness becomes the reason why such singing bowl run for longer. Pure brass is also responsible for the mystery of the healing sound which heals the chakras. The lustrous nature of singing bowls is also due to the pure brass. Cottage handicrafts is the place which is known to deal in the quality singing bowls, so try to purchase your next singing bowl from here and you will find the best service.  

3. What are Chakras and why do they need to be activated - Chakras are called as energy centers situated in the mid vertical central region of the body. Singing bowls are generally used for Chakra balancing and energy healing.  Different Chakras are connected to different musical notes and colors and each chakra manages different life functions. The Chakra system reflects the level of vibration in your body. When all the Chakra energy in your system remains balanced, you will achieve emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Each Chakra correlates to different areas of the body, organ system, and neural networks. Moreover, when the sound of the singing bowl vibrates, every cell, gland, and organ of the body absorbs and reflects a signature sound. This sound provides information about the state of your physical and emotional health. A healthy body part stays in natural frequency and overall harmony with the body. 

4. Violet Coloured Tibetan Singing bowl is designed to activate Crown Chakra - Violet (purple) is the color of the Crown chakra which is also known as Sahasrara. Located at the top of the head, this chakra is linked to the crown of the head, The brain, The nervous system, The Pineal endocrine gland, and positive imagination. Activation of this chakra takes you into the spiritual world and deep consciousness where you can feel the pleasure of having the highest level of understanding of who we are and why we are? 

5. Benefits of purchasing Violet Coloured Tibetan Singing Bowl - Violet coloured Tibetan singing bowl is meant to activate crown chakra which makes you stay away from mental disorders, brain-related diseases, depression, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, epilepsy etc violet is the colour of sacrifice for others, love for others, respect for all living beings, idealism etc and a slight imbalance of the violet energy in the crown chakra can leads to superiority, coldness towards the people etc. 

6. The real use of Crown Chakra - It is only the crown chakra which opens up your thoughts, gives them a broad angle to think, makes you more humble to the outer world and unprejudiced, and makes you more aware of yourself like who you are exactly and why you are. If this gets overactive, you can even leave your body needs too and can become connected to the world of spirituality more than other humans you have in your surroundings. 

7. Mystery of the Healing sound - Meticulous and long research over the Tibetan singing bowls healing sound says that its mysterious sound or multi-phonic overtones come due to the presence of a number of ores present in it and its mellow tones are created by age. If you want to feel beautiful tones, then new singing bowls can create such tones for you. But, to get rich mellowest tones, one should go for the ancient bowls. The sound of the ancient and new bowls has that minimum difference that anyone cant easily distinguish between them, these are only the experts who can tell you the difference.  When the mysteriously calming sound of Tibetan singing bowl enters the body of the receiver, it provides long-lasting relief to both sides of the brain. It is all because of the presence of these precious metals and their age that the bowl produces a mesmerizing, engaging, and stress-releasing harmonic-hum. Tibetan singing bowl is also called Healing or chakra bowls.

8. Where the sound comes from - The extremely deep and soul reviving harmonic-hum of the Tibetan Singing bowl leaves remarkably exceptional results over a human soul which has been seen after giving sound therapy. While giving sound therapy, the bowl is placed around the body or sometimes over the body of the therapy receiver to have the required results. When the wooden stick of the bowl rubs the mallet around the rim, the combination of the duos generates such a beautiful metallic vibration that it activates every nook of the body or balances the body Chakras or energy centers. 

9. Why its Purchasing is Necessary - The sound that the bowl produces is the AUM Vibration and it leaves outstanding long-lasting results over the body of the receiver. This Vibration gives deep relaxation to the soul of the receiver and regenerates muscle. It's only the distinct quality of this mesmerizing vibration that it helps in relieving the muscle, joint, and shoulder pain too. Its magical effect doesnt end here, in fact, the magical vibration or the humming sound generated by Tibetan Singing bowl also helps in transferring relief to the pain related to Digestive systems, Migraine, and Headaches. Moreover, if there are some Spine injuries it also helps in recovering those deep injuries too. This Vibration of Aum which emerges from the Tibetan Singing bowl also helps in improving blood circulation, opening blockages if any, and making the proper flow of the energy inside the body. Its sound is so relaxing that it gives relief to mental or emotional pain and helps maintain equilibrium in the Blood Pressure. It is only the powerful influence of this relaxing hum that also helps maintain the function of the Adrenal glands, and synaptic responses in our brain. The peaceful and engaging sound of the bowl also helps in stabilizing the meridians, stimulating the immune system, and improving the hyperactive disorders of the children.

10. Tibetan Singing Bowl can be utilized for various purposes - This beautiful piece of metal can be utilized for various purposes like we can give this piece as a gift in marriages, for Home Decor Purposes, for Yoga Institutes, and for temples. We can also give this beautiful piece as a gift in Birthday Parties. We can use it personally for Meditation. Whichever the function is, it is applicable to give as a gift in every segment of life. If you are having it along with you, you can have relief anytime by generating its harmonic vibration. You can make others aware of its beautiful effects as it is one of the best gifts produced by the nature. 


Key Product Features
  • Violet Coloured Tibetan Singing bowl is mainly for Crown Chakra -Violet (purple) is the color of the Crown chakra which is also known as Sahasrara. Located at the top of the head
  • this chakra is linked to the crown of the head
  • The brain
  • The nervous system
  • The Pineal endocrine gland

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