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Choty - Shotgun Necklace - Gold Needle - Chain and Pouch Included - 316L Stainless Steel - 18K Gold Plating Infused

by Choty
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World's Best Shotgun Necklace

Just like the mighty compass helping us find direction in dark times, this Choty will also help you find your way.  Whether you are navigating through large social gatherings, or trying to find the perfect, coldest, most thirst quenching beverage to crush, The Needle Choty will point you in the right direction. Punch the southern point into a can, and let the rough sea of beer flow down your gullet like the mighty Atlantic. Dont worry, the needle is here to make sure you dont drown in the froth. No matter what direction you are headed make sure to bring the needle along. 

The compass design invites you to find your own path, and here's the twistconcealed within its intricate details is a discreet shotgun tool. Seamlessly transition from exploring the world to enjoying a refreshing beverage with the Choty Gold Compass Necklace, where functionality meets fashion on your unique journey.

Make a statement that resonates with those who seek both direction and style. Let the Choty necklace be your guide in navigating life's adventures while exuding the perfect blend of durability and charm.

  • 26 Inch Chain Included
  • Shotgun Tool Built-In
  • 316L Stainless Steel + 18K Gold Plating Infused
  • Hypoallergenic (No Green Skin)
Key Product Features
  • Every Choty comes with a chain & pouch!
  • Chain size: 26 inch length / 2.5 mm thickness (chain included with pendant)
  • Perks: No discoloring or tarnishing / hypoallergenic (no green neck)
  • Durability: Choty's were made to last (Shotgun Necklace)
  • Pendant: 316 Stainless Steel / 18K Gold Plating Infused / 33.5 x 21 mm (Detachable)