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Cottage Handicraft ,Chintz Pattern Hanger Key Holder with Free Elephant Gift

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A chintz patterned hanger.

A patterned hanger made of mango wood has multiple use case scenarios.

The powdered finish provides natural wooden color to the piece.

Customize it to your preferences, add a flower or ribbon to make it more vibrant.

Some of the uses of this hanger could be a 

  • Keyholder
  • Coat holder
  • Closet clothes hanger and etcetera.

The dimensions of the hanger are 20*20*11 centimetres in length, breadth, and height, which make it ideal for any of the above and more use case scenarios.

A token of gratitude from our side :).


Made with love and perfection!

The hanger is handmade from high-quality, long-lasting mango wood. It takes our artisans a little more than a week to finish the product and make it up to our standards.

Grabs attention!

This handmade hanger is guaranteed to surprise your visitors with its stunning powder-coated finish and elegant design.

Amazing finish!

With its powder-coated white finish and natural wooden colour, the artisans surely depict peace and love with this masterpiece. The flower pattern gives it a one-of-a-kind chintz look which is unique and special.

Multiple Use case scenarios.

The handmade hanger is built so that the consumer may utilize it in several use case situations. It's entirely up to you whether you optate to utilize it as a wall-hanging piece of dcor to amend the appearance of your house or workplace or if you optate to hang your apparel on it.

Unleash your creativity

Our masterpiece can also be thought of as a blank canvas to which you may also add beautiful touches like flowers, ribbons, and other embellishments to make your piece of handicraft the centre of attention. If you want to utilize it for decoration, you also have that option.

Use cases

  • Coat hanger - One of the wonderful uses may be to utilize it as a coat hanger. If you arrive home wearing a coat, you can hang it at the entry of your door for simple access and better utilization.
  • Keychain holder - Use it to hang your vehicle keys so that every time you hurry outdoors or make plans for a day out, you don't have a day-in remembering where you last put your keys.

Crafted with attention

Our artisans love their work and take 7-8 days to craft this masterpiece from mango wood.

Perfect expanse.

Our artists spend days figuring out the optimal dimension to weight ratio to guarantee that every handmade item is visually stunning. It's a well-held object with dimensions of 20*20*11 cms in length, breadth, and height.

Cottage handicrafts

The business only offers handmade things from all across the cumulated states. Every area and dialect in India is known for its ethnic crafts created by talented artisans. They are labours of love that are painstakingly crafted by hand, and as a consequence, no two objects are the same. Furthermore, the items are bought directly from the artists in various nation parts. So, when you purchase a Karigar item, you know you're getting something real and one-of-a-kind.

We adore our clients!!

Cottage Handicrafts includes one gift with this statue as a sign of our appreciation for you, which will bring a smile to your face and serve as a reminder of our thanks. Thank you to our valued customers; we gladly provide gifts with the purchase. It makes no difference whether you purchase a little or a massive work of art. A gift gesture is always guaranteed from our end, and we accept it as true within valuing cognitions. If a little manifestation may assist us in keeping our cognitions, we welcome it with open arms, even though the cost is minimal.


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