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Cottage Handicraft, Candle Stand

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An exquisite showpiece

  • A black and golden schemed candle holder with a floral pattern to enhance the look for your candles.
  • Fixing your candles in the right candle holder offers them the support they need to stay put. It gives your dining room table, giving it an elegant and sophisticated appeal.
  • Candle holders' primary purpose is to offer a sturdy and safe base for candles to avoid disasters.  
  • Our candle holder keeps your candles stable, so you don't have to worry about children or clumsy visitors knocking them down.
  • Lighting candles at your event is undeniably important for creating a dazzling and enthralling environment. Using candle holders to improve your party or house dcor is also vital.
  • Exquisite table candle holders add an opulent touch to the event's decor. Using candles in various candle holders helps illuminate the environment by creating a warm and natural glow that has a captivating impact.
  • Use this candle holder to brighten dark interiors, set the tone at indoor and outdoor celebrations, and set the table for candlelight feasts.
  • They may also be utilised to produce dramatic lighting effects. The warm and delicate glow of the flickering candlelight creates a wonderful and whimsical atmosphere.

100% Handcrafted.

Metal was used to make it from top to bottom. Our artisans take apt time to create such a masterpiece. Usually, they take around 10-15 days to make the candle holder from start to finish

Helps to focus

If you are working from home, you must be looking for ways to enhance your focus. Work is important, but the right working environment plays a significant role too. There is ease and a level of comfort at home that is enough to distract the worker.

Symbol of life itself 

Candles symbolize life, especially the life of an individual, the light in the darkness of enlightenment. It is a symbol of the holy enlightenment of the Spirit of Truth. Illuminated at death, it means the light of the next world and represents Christ as light. Cleansing and cleansing are inextricably linked.


Most people burn candles to create a warm and friendly ambience during certain seasons or on specific holidays and occasions. Candle holders are a great investment because they are adaptable and may be used to hold other decorative accents. You may make flower vases from your votive candle holders or geometric candle holders.

Multiple Other Uses.

Maybe if you don't like the premise of having candles, you could use the stand itself as a pen stand to keep your stationery well managed. Or maybe as a Toothbrush stand to decorate your wash basin with some sass. Love some flora and fauna? Use it as a vase and give them blooming little beings a place.

Opulent design

Our artists spend days figuring out the optimal dimension to weight ratio to guarantee that every handmade item is visually stunning. It's a well-held object with dimensions of 10*10*10cms in length, breadth, and height.


Key Product Features
  • Its floral pattern attracts everyone : This black and Golden coloured candle holder looks marvellous with its attractive floral pattern and attracts the eyes of whoever steals the glimpse of it. This piece of candle holder is absolutely different and stunning and that’s why it is the first choice of candle holder lovers.
  • It enhances the beauty of your dining table : A dining table is always incomplete if it doesn't have a candle holder placed over it. It is always the candle holder which makes the surroundings of the dining table looks more beautiful and elegant.
  • It is 100% Hand-crafted : Made up of metal
  • it is 100% hand-crafted. It is an outcome of the extreme hard work of award winning artisans that the beautiful candle holder comes out in the mesmerising look to enhance the beauty of the surroundings.
  • It is a Multi-purpose candle holder : This candle holder is a multi-purpose candle holder and can be used for other purposes as well
  • For ex - this candle holder can also be used to keep the flowers in it to make the surroundings more fresh and attractive and can also be used to keep pens in it.
  • It is the best gift item to be gifted : These days this unique floral pattern candle holder is in high demand. It is small
  • attractive
  • multi-purpose in nature and is suitable to be gifted in every occasion.

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