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Bulk Medjool Dates Wholesale Box

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Welcome to our family! We have been selling fresh gourmet nuts, dried fruits and delicious bulk seeds for many years. All of our products go through meticulous quality inspections before we seal and ship them from our facility to your doorstep. Were dedicated to supplying you with extraordinary wholesale nuts, dried fruit and bulk seeds at the lowest prices possible. We never sacrifice quality for quantity.

About Our Medjool Dates

Our Medjool dates are packaged with the pits intact so you can experience all the sweet flavors that Medjool dates are known for worldwide. Removing the pit is simple, just make a small slit and out it will pop. When you take your first bite- youll thank us for leaving it in! The dates are bursting with sweet natural flavor youll love in smoothies, syrups, salads and many delicious glazes and sauces.

Benefits Of Dried Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are packed with antioxidants that protect the body from inflammation and also contain high levels of potassium, an electrolyte the body needs for a good heart. Often used in plant-based diets and Paleo recipes as a replacement for sugar, chocolate chips, and eggs.

Nutritional Facts For Dried Medjool Dates

1 ounce of Medjool dates is 77 calories, 98% carbohydrates, and 2% protein. There is 0% fat. Our dates are a great recipe replacement for dishes calling for refined sugars and is a favorite ingredient for those wishing to shed some extra pounds.

Storing Medjool Dates

It is best to keep Medjool dates in an airtight container. Dried dates can be refrigerated for a year or frozen for as long as 5 years.

Key Product Features

  • Large Medjool Dates have a thin, tender skin with a firm, meaty flesh, and a unique, rich flavor. These dates are the largest, sweetest, and juiciest of the varieties, which make them perfect for snacking and baking
  • Vegan, kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free; terrific for healthy snacks
  • Sweet Bulk Medjool dates are preferred over Deglet dates when adding flavor to smoothies, whipping up some date breakfast syrup, or eating directly out of hand
  • A great alternative to empty calorie snacks; Medjool dates can satisfy a person's sweet tooth while also supplying essential nutrients, such as vitamin B-6 and iron
  • Save money and buy in bulk! Our 5lb., 10 lb. and 25 lb. Medjool dates are delicious for up to 12 months in the refrigerator and as many as 5 years when frozen

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