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Cottage Handicraft - Buddha with Free Elephant Gift

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Buddha statue

  • To beautify your living room, pooja room, entryway, altar, meditation room, or home or office entrance. And it may be set on top of a table or installed or placed anyplace in the house or garden, indoors or out.
  • Creates a serene environment that is filled with harmony, spirituality, and positive energy. At the same time, it serves as a magnificent work of art and a collectible.
  • A perfect Wedding Gift/Anniversary Gift/Corporate Gift/Return Gift/Birthday Gift/Diwali Gift/Lucky Gift and a gift that may be given on any occasion such as private parties or public community gatherings.
  • After attaining Enlightenment Buddha started preaching others and spreading spiritual knowledge. His images as an ascetic sitting under Bodhi Tree with different postures of hands like blessing, teaching and touching the earth are very common as a symbol of peace and purity.
  • The enigmatic oriental Buddha statues are ideal for adorning your living room entry, coffee table, kitchen, bedroom, and garden, adding to your family's attractiveness.
  • It is excellent for use in every circumstance, whether it is holiday decorations or house decorations, and it can provide you with unmatched special satisfaction.


Buddha sculptures seen across Asia reflect Gautama Buddha's teachings and travels. Each statue has distinct physical characteristics, stances, and attitudes that determine its function and significance. 


The Buddha's hand motions, known as mudras, represent teaching, meditation, enlightenment, and wisdom. Similarly, each of the Buddha's poses has a distinct meaning. There are a few walking Buddha images as well, though they are less widespread.

Sitting buddha meaning

The most prevalent portrayal of the Buddha is the seated Buddha. These Buddha sculptures might signify instruction, meditation, or the pursuit of enlightenment.

Meditation purpose

Vastu experts recommend putting the Buddha in your house to keep a pleasant and peaceful mood. We've all seen adaptable Buddha sculptures artfully placed in lovely homes. Placing the Buddha in different parts of your home, according to Vastu, might have an effect on your mental health and tranquilly.

Fully Handmade 

Its made from metal and brass top to bottom. Our artisans take the proper amount of time to create such a masterpiece. From start to completion, the candle holder usually takes roughly 10-15 days.


You may be confident that it is the ideal gifting option because it is made with high manufacturing standards, quality, and immaculate finish.

Provide assistance in a stylish manner.

The ideal chasm

Our artists spend days calculating the ideal size-to-weight ratio for each handmade item to guarantee that it is visually attractive. This masterpiece takes an average of 10-12 days to complete with accuracy and attention.


Key Product Features
  • It is the symbol of peace and Positivity : Worldwide famous sitting Buddha Statue symbolises Peace and Positivity. Peace and Positivity are the two things that attract wealth and this is why people like to purchase sitting Buddha Statue to become economically and mentally stable.
  • It enhances the spiritual vibrations around : Positive vibrations emerge from Buddha statue developed a kind of spiritual environment around and fills the environment with positive energy which in turns attracts the Peace and the Peace attracts wealth and wisdom.
  • It is spectacular item to be gifted : One of the most beautiful home decor items ever. Buddha Statue is the best item that can be gifted at every occasion as a beautiful blessing. It is spectacular it is magnificent and it is undoubtedly an exquisite peace of gift item
  • It is 100% hand-crafted : This masterpiece is a Brass Product and is brought to shape by award winning artisans. It is all due to the hard work of them which takes near about 10-15 days.
  • Its quality is just incomparable : Purchasing it will be the best deal as Buddha Statue is outstanding in quality with high manufacturing standards and immaculate finish.

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