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Cottage Handicraft Brass Metal Flower Vase

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Add Elegance and Class to Your Interiors 

If you love traditional art and prefer to add eye-catching yet elegant and classy elements to your interiors, this vase is certainly for you! 

As you can see, the vase is a true piece of art that is crafted to perfection so it can align with your prolific taste. Not to mention, the design and colors are mesmerizing enough that the vase will look awesome even without flowers

Moreover, these designs and vibrant colors not only add to the beauty of the flower vase but also fill your space with positive vibes. 

Exquisitely Handcrafted Design 

Have you noticed that the artisan has paid attention even to the tiniest of details? Take a closer look and you will know what we are talking about.

Every single detail is 100% hand graving (also known as Meenakari or Nakkashi), which makes it even more valuable and exquisite. Our expert artisans spend around 15-20 days creating such intricate designs on the vase.

Don't you think you are getting it at a very low price as compared to its actual value? It is surely a steal deal and you should not miss it.

High Quality and Easy to Clean

A similar vase can be made at a cheaper price but we do not compromise with the quality and engage only award-winning artisans to create these beauties.

Moreover, each vase undergoes Lacor treatment which ensures that the classy vase is not affected by moisture. This means that the color of the vase and the meenakari remains intact even after decades of exposure. 

What's more?

The cherry on top is that this beautiful vase is very easy to clean. A simple cloth or a make-up brush will do the trick! Still need more persuasion?

Easily Gels with Any Type of Interiors

You might want to place it in your office, where you spend a major part of the day, or in the living room to show off your exquisite taste to your guests. You may even want to adorn your dinner table or decorate the side table with it. 

No matter where you wish to place it, this vase will look perfect. The best part is that it gels up with all types of interiors, be it modern, ethnic, or rustic.

Just imagine such an intricate and beautiful vase filled with lovely flowers on your office desk, coffee table, living room, study table, or any of your favorite spots! Can you think of a better decorative piece that suits your style?

A Classy Gifting Option

Don't just buy it for yourself, purchase it for your associates and loved ones too! Whether it is a birthday or any special occasion, nothing beats a classy brass vase

They will surely love such an intricate piece of beauty. Don't you think?

Besides, everyone should get a taste of your exquisite taste when it comes to elegant decor. After all, its charming design is worth sharing with near and dear ones.

The Perfect Material, Shape, Size, and Weight

There is no denying the fact that the vase is designed to perfection. Be it the material, shape, size, or weight of the vase, everything is smartly planned.

Its shape makes it easier to place it anywhere without disturbing any of the existing items around it. In fact, even if you place flowers inside it, they will also stay out of your way owing to the height of the Vase. This feature, alone, makes it a perfect choice for a centerpiece on dinner and coffee tables.

Another best part is that it is made of brass, it measures 8*8*21 Cms, and only weighs 560 gms; making it highly portable and easy to carry around. 


Key Product Features
  • It is an exquisite piece of Home Decor : This Brass flower vase is an exquisite and exclusive home decor item which can make your home look more elegant and attractive.
  • Its quality is outstanding : The quality of Brass flower vase is such strong and remarkable that it runs for longer without getting cracked. Moreover it doesn't get corroded and keeps shining with everlasting glow.
  • It is 100% Hand-crafted : It is 100% Hand-Crafted and its hand-graved work makes it look more different and beautiful than others. No doubt that it is a splendid creation of award-winning artisans which takes at-least 10-15 days in completion.
  • It undergoes Lacquered treatment to give a perfect finish : Each vase undergoes Lacquered treatment which prevents it from getting affected by moisture. It makes the colour of the vase and Meenakari remains intact even after decades of exposure.
  • It is easy to clean : The extremely beautiful piece of flower vase can be easily cleaned. It can be cleaned with a piece of cloth or make-up brush.

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