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Strictly Pepper

by Scotts
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Strictly Pepper - True pepper-lovers, those with a passion for this pungent spice, have been known to remove the cap & cover their entire entree with pepper.  Sometimes, even that isn’t enough to satisfy that burning desire for pepper.  The solution?  Strictly Pepper!  It’s a passionate blend of imported and domestic peppers.  Strictly Pepper is flavorful, spicy & incredibly delicious! Blended For Pepper Aficionados

Customer Reviews

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The ultimate companion

Adding strictly pepper to my food, I remember how perfect my meal has become and forget to say when… If strictly pepper could be in my life forever I would never have any problems…with my breakfast lunch and dinner that is. 🥹 I can’t imagine my vegetables or steak without strictly pepper, thats why I carry it everywhere with me.

This is my first ever review. I have to allow you to understand that strictly pepper is a game changer 100%.
I went over to a friends house. She over cooked my steak by alot, i only like rare, came out well done ❌ Only 1 thing could have saved an argument, an over cooked steak and turned it into a 5 star steakhouse restaurant. That 1 thing Strictly Pepper 👌🏼