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Microwave Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief with 71" Ties/Straps to Secure Anywhere - Moist Heating Pad Microwavable Heat Wrap for Neck & Shoulders, Cramps - Flaxseed Rice Heat Packs Hot Bag - Medium.

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Have you found yourself with persistent pain or an injury? Many old heating pads require hands-on to hold into position making it very difficult to multitask and still get the relief you require.

Purple Moon Collection introduces versatility and unique mobility to a classically popular treatment by designing ties to help secure your heating pad anywhere on your body. Larger than other brands, our engineered and patented design contours to your body shape and gives you better coverage across all your pain relief needs.

Did you know that FLAXSEED is proven to hold heat longer?

This is due to the oil content inside each flaxseed. This creates a natural moist heat that penetrates the muscles and joints more efficiently than dry heat packs such as rice bags.


Flax Seeds


Heat Therapy: Place the wrap on a clean, dry plate in the center of the microwave for 2 minutes and heat on a high setting. For best results, flip the wrap over after 1 minute and continue heating for the remaining 1 minute. Carefully touch the wrap to check the temperature. If not warm enough, heat for a further 30 seconds and recheck. NEVER exceed a total heating time of more than 3 minutes. Cold Therapy: Place the wrap inside a clean plastic bag and place inside the freezer for 4 hours.

Key Product Features
  • BETTER COVERAGE across all your pain relief needs. 'Longer' ties/straps to secure in place, giving you the freedom to move around with our Microwavable Heating Pads contouring to your body. The ideal Weighted Heating Pad
  • HOLDS HEAT LONGER - Penetrating the muscles and joints more efficiently with our natural moist heating pad microwavable. Filled with organic 100% Canadian Flaxseed, this non electric wrap is superior to dry heat packs such as rice & bean bags
  • LARGE 20”x 8” Moist Heat Pack with 71” TIES - Evenly weighted at 2lbs which spreads across 12 flexible chambers allowing comfort and the ability to contour to your body. Ideal as your Lower Back Heating Pad
  • VERSATILE MICROWAVE HEATING PAD for Neck & Shoulders & Back Pain Relief. Including joints, cramps, menstrual pain, sore muscles, rotator cuff or back injuries, we’ve got you covered with our portable, reusable, and cordless hot/cold pack.
  • THE BEST FATHERS DAY GIFTS Deliver Warm Hugs. We're a family owned business that cares about quality & the best outcome to 'Live Your Best Life'. Gift wrapping also available for a thoughtful get-well gift for family or friends.
Color: GRAY

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Effective and Convenient Heating Pad

This heating pad has been a lifesaver for my back pain. The flaxseed and rice combination provides comforting heat, and the long ties make it easy to secure in place. It's my go-to solution for quick and effective pain relief.

Long-Lasting Heat and Comfort

The flaxseed in this heating pad retains heat remarkably well. It delivers a consistent and comforting warmth that alleviates my muscle tension. The quality of this pad is exceptional.

Superb Quality and Design

The quality and design of this heating pad are exceptional. The flaxseed provides soothing moist heat, and the long ties secure it comfortably. It's a well-crafted product that delivers on its promises.

Ultimate Pain Relief

Suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, I've tried numerous solutions but this heating pad has been the most effective by far. The flaxseed retains heat perfectly and the moisture it emits is so soothing. Worth every penny!

Sara Jane
Highly Recommended for Chronic Pain

As a chronic pain sufferer, I find this heating pad incredibly helpful. It provides much-needed relief and can be used for both heat and cold therapy.