Wooden Cooking Utensils Set For Nonstick Cookware, 6-Piece Kitchen Utensils Set - Wooden Spatulas, Bamboo Cooking Spoon, Tongs, Ladle, Whisk




1 x bamboo spatula for cooking
1 x bamboo cooking spoon
1 x bamboo tongs
1 x wooden ladle
1 x wooden whisk with silicone rods
1 x basting & pastry brush

This 6-piece wooden kitchen utensil set is great for many cooking tasks such as baking, stirring, basting or serving. It's one of the most complete wooden utensils set for cooking.


  • Bamboo cooking spoon, bamboo spatula and tongs are 11.8" long.
  • Ladle is 11" long and the cup's inner diameter is 2.75".
  • Basting Brush is 5" long.

Our bamboo kitchen utensils are Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Recyclable, BPA-free, & plastic-free! The whisk's rods are made of food-grade silicone and the brush's bristles are made of BPA-Free food-grade nylon (both recyclable).

Our wooden kitchen utensils set is made of all-natural bamboo which is one of the most renewable resources. This was harvested at full maturity from sustainable fast-growing plantations, away from pandas.

The ladle and the whisk's handle are made of sustainable rubberwood.

These wooden kitchen utensils are light but strong and durable, with long service life. They are more heat-resistant than utensils made of other materials and they are easy to grip and control. Your hands won't get tired from all that stirring.

This is one of the best wooden utensils set for nonstick cookware as it won't scratch or damage it.

These wooden utensils for cooking are also a GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR ANY OCCASION.


1. These bamboo cooking utensils are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE but super easy to clean. Just rinse the wooden utensils in running warm water and mild dish soap.

2. Keep in a dry place.

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