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Wood Belt Yosemite Brave 422 Luxury Leather Belt with Beech Wooden Buckle, Width 1.57 inch, Black Vegetable tanned leather

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Yellowstone collection

  • Clever craftsmanship solution to fix wooden buckles made of used wood offcuts to the leather.
  • High-quality one-piece cowhide leather, vegetable-tanned (except for some models).
  • A unique combination of the wooden buckle with a classic business or casual leather belt is never out of fashion.
  • Any gender friendly.
  • No metal, so no allergies, airport friendly.
  • Easy repair and re-use since we don't use any sewing.
  • At the end of the journey biodegradable (except for some models).
  • The collection is based on the Impact Design with high social and environmental impact.
  • Feel good. Look good. Do good.

Buckle model: Brave

Brave is a slightly curved buckle in a timeless rectangular shape. Minimalistic design demands less craftsmanship and handwork.

Wood type: Beech

Beech is tough, and strong, with a close straight grain, and withstands shocks and wear.

Belt material: Vegetable tanned leather

We use natural vegetable tannins to alter the hide's protein structure, causing it to become leather. Such leather has many advantages: naturalness, eco-friendly, style, timelessness, strength, flexibility, and durability. Vegetable-tanned leather is considered of higher quality and will last longer than synthetically treated leather. However, it takes at least 28 times longer to make, which is part of why vegetable-tanned leather only makes up roughly 10% of all leather available today.

Material color: Black

Black is a timeless belt material color for any occasion.

 Belt width: 1.57 inch

A belt width of 1.57 inches is usual for casual belts.

 Belt size guide

XL - 46 inch
L - 42 inch
M - 38-inch
S - 34 inch
XS - 30 inch 

Technical series: Simple

SIMPLE series offers an innovative solution to fix buckles to belts without any sewing or wooden clamp. The solution enables easier assembling of belts while also lowering the production costs.
You can assemble your SIMPLE belt by choosing different belt elements buckle models, belt width, wood type, belt material, and color of the material.

  • Belt fixed to buckle without a clamp, only with the wooden nut and screw
  • No metal parts or sewing used
  • Size adjustment level: Moderate
  • Possible personalization
Key Product Features
  • Belt with the wooden buckle, no sewing used. Use of wood cutoffs. Biodegradable and circular product. Innovative luxurius high fashion accessory.

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