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Wild Yam Detox Defense Recover Face & Body Set

by Aniise
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A complete skin & body set to detox, defend and recover. Our natural eraser.
Includes 4 products.

Well known and recognized as a woman’s plant, Wild Yam has been mainly beneficial and loved by women going through midlife bodily changes and menstruation cycles.  Now available as a topical application, Aniise’s Wild Yam Collection has been created to support feminine wellness in addition to luxuriously moisturizing, defending and recovering the skin.

Warning: If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a physician before use.

Included in the set

Age defender eye cream:

  • Helps build collagen and restore skin cells. 
  • The Diosgenin in Wild Yam easily absorbs in the cell membranes which helps with fighting signs of aging. 
  • Using this cream regularly will help the delicate eye area to become better moisturized, healthier and more radiant.

Extra Moisturizing Face Cream with Wild Yam and Coconut Oil:

  • Moisturizes and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. 
  • Helps protect the skin from outside elements such as sun damage and cold weather by promoting collagen production. 
  • Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation which occur with age.

Ultra-Rich Moisturizing Hand Cream with Wild Yam and Avocado Oil:

  • Relieves dryness
  • Helps to moisturize intensely, leaving skin nourished and protected from the elements.
  • Enriched with Wild Yam and softening avocado oil and moisturizing extracts (rosemary, sage, chamomile) it absorbs quickly to help soften and comfort the skin without leaving a greasy film.
  • The infusion of vitamins E and A helps promote elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

Ultra-Rich Anti-Oxidant Body Cream with Wild Yam and Shea Butter:

  • Supports women experiencing menopause and menstruation
  • Calming Wild Yam Cream is a must-have 
  • Feel the soothing comfort and experience the age-old skin nourishment as you gently massage the cream into your body, specifically the underarms, breasts, lower back and tummy... and continue to live your life happily and comfortably during those monthly and midlife changes and mood swings.   
  • This non-greasy formula is absorbed easily and effectively into your skin.

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