Trucker Hats

Title: Black / 3 Pack


Trucker Hats for You & the Team

  • Trucker hats are one of several variations on baseball hats. They have a similar curved brim and are made of 6 triangular sections sewn together.
  • The main difference with trucker hats is that the front section is made of foam and stands up taller than most other ball caps, while the back half is made of breathable mesh.
  • A trucker cap also has a plastic snap at the back, making the fit adjustable.
  • Trucker hats are perfect for hot days: they keep the sun off while letting heat ventilate out the back.
  • Once a humble accessory, trucker hats have come a long way, and have even been spotted on fashion runways.
  • That said, the trucker is definitely more of a casual piece and is best worn with things like jeans and flannel shirts.
  • Trucker hats and sunglasses get along great. You can park your shades up on the brim if you don’t want to wear them on your face.
  • Trucker hats are perfect for running out to get a cup of coffee, or any early-morning errands.
  • Go incognito with your trucker hat.
  • Heading to the gym? A trucker hat keeps your hair out of the way while you work out and won’t make your head overheat.
  • Trucker hats help you keep cool in all sorts of outdoor activities.
  • If the outfit or event works with a t-shirt, it works with a trucker hat.
  • The classic look is to wear the brim forward.
  • Brim tilted up shows more of your face, and your confidence.
  • If you’re feeling edgy and want to wear the trucker hat backward, be sure the brim is pointed down rather than straight back.
  • Side rider is only for the brave.
  • Lightweight and comfy, trucker hats are popular with both men and women in all walks of life.
  • Trucker hats were originally designed to promote businesses, and there’s no reason for you not to add your own logo to these. They’re a blank canvas, ready and waiting for your silkscreen, embroidery design or even your bead-dazzler!

Available in 10 color patterns and in packs of 3 and 24, you’ll never be at a loss about what to wear on your head.

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