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TrapJak Liquid Bait Station Cover - 3 Pack - Compatible with Tero Ant Killer Liquid Baits & Ortho Home Defense Liquid Ant Baits

by TrapJak
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trapJak Liquid Ant & Roach Bait Station Covers - 3 Pack TrapJak is the worlds First Patented Ant & Roach Bait Station Cover Designed to: 

  • Keep Ant & Roach Bait Stations Out of Reach from Children and Pets! 
  • Keep Unsightly Ant & Roach Traps Discreetly Concealed so people dont think your home is Infested with bugs! 
  • Keep Toxic Ant Bait Stations Stationary so that you dont lose them under furniture! the same time, still keeping the baits affective for their main purpose of attracting and killing those disgusting ants and roaches! 

TrapJak Liquid Bait Station Cover secures firmly to virtually any surface with the included strong reusable adhesive tape, then you simply slide any compatible bait station into the inner chamber, and you're done! TrapJak can be placed anyplace where ants or roaches are present, including on walls, baseboards and kitchen counter kick plates as well as inside cabinets or on countertops. With TrapJak you can strategically & discreetly place Ant Bait Stations directly in the ant trail even if it's in plain sight! TrapJak will blend in beautifully with virtually any home decor, and your friends and family will never see those ant traps laying around your home in plain sight ever again! Liquid Bait Stations tend to sometimes spill and make a mess. TrapJak Liquid Bait Station Cover helps keep the Liquid Bait Stations secure inside the inner chamber of the TrapJak Housing, so they don't spill all over your floors or countertops.

TrapJak is also paintable so they can blend in seamlessly with the color of your wall or baseboard!

This TrapJak product is Compatible with Most Brands of Liquid Bait Stations Including:

- TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits

- ORTHO Home Defense Liquid Ant Bait

Bait stations are Not included and must be purchased separately. 

This Package comes with 3 TrapJak Liquid Bait Station Covers & 3 Reusable pieces of Adhesive Tape.

* TrapJak is not affiliated with in or endorsed by any bait station manufacturer mentioned in this listing. 

* TrapJak is Not a Toy. Keep This product out of reach from Children and Pets. Package May Contain Small Parts that may be a Choking Hazard.

* Please Follow All Safety Instructions from Bait Station Manufacturers when using bait stations.

* Use this product at your own risk. This product is meant to conceal ant & roach bait stations and can be used as an extra layer of protection to keep baits concealed from children and pets. Please always use caution whenever using ant & roach baits.

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