The Trio (Locs Conditioner, Shampoo, Build Up Remover)



Description: Locs Conditioner, Shampoo, Build Up Remover

  • Get all three of these powerful loc "dread" cleansing/conditioning products for a discounted price!
  • Huge 16 ounce size bottles!

1) Spray N-Champu: All Natural Moisturizing Loc Shampoo

  • The most effective, all natural loc "dread" spray on shampoo!
  • This a moisturizing shampoo with elements proven to aid in hair growth!
  • Includes oils from specific fruits and vitamin e!
  • Huge 16 ounce size!

2) Spray N-Detox: Lifts And Removes Residue From Locs

  • This is the most powerful, all natural locs "dread" detox product you will ever find!
  • Effortlessly lifts product build up as well as seen and unseen debris that is trapped deep within your locs.
  • Simply spray it on, let spray n-detox remain on locs for a few minutes and rinse!
  • Contains no apple cider vinegar or grimy salts! Made with a legally protected blend of specific fruit nectars and other accompanying natural elements.
  • Big 16 ounce size!

Spray N-Restore: 

Every product is pre-sprayed before we ship to ensure proper functionality before you receive the product!

***Returns: Only unopened and unused items are allowed for return and items must be returned within 6 days after the shipping agency's tracking shows delivery of the product(s).***

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