Spray N-Lock & Spray N-Shine Combo (World's Strongest Holding Twisting Product And Oil)



Description: World's Strongest Holding Twisting Product And Oil

  • A tag team combo pack of spray n-lock world's first 100 percent all natural-strongest holding dread retwisting spray and spray n-shine.your hair's favorite hair oil!
  • Buy them together and get them cheaper!
  • 100% all natural product.

Spray N-Lock: Loc Twisting Spray

  • The strongest holding, all natural loc "dread" twisting product and it is a spray!!
  • Holds locs longer and keeps twisted locs or twists tighter than gel or wax ever could!
  • In addition, it reduces twisting time by allowing the user to spray an entire section of locs before twisting!
  • Great for starter locs as well as mature locs of various widths.
  • Dries in a fraction of the time in which it takes gels and waxes to dry. The average drying time is 20-25 minutes. You will never go back to gel and wax after spray n-locking!
  • Dries with a beautiful shine!
  • Each bottle will last for approx. 6-12 full retwist sessions.

Spray N-Shine: Best Hair Oil For Locs

  • A natural product specifically formulated for those with locs "dreads."
  • Use includes locs, low cuts, afro, braids, straightened hair, natural hair, twists, or other.
  • Enriched with vitamin k, omega 3, omega 6, iron, designed to promote healthy scalp and loc growth.
  • Cures dray scalp conditions with a pleasantly mesmerizing scent!

Every product is pre-sprayed before we ship to ensure proper functionality before you receive the product!

***Returns: Only unopened and unused items are allowed for return and items must be returned within 6 days after the shipping agency's tracking shows delivery of the product(s).***

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