Touch-Free No Contact Foot Pull Hardware

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It is a NEW way of living in the world today… 

Our Tread N pull door solutions service’s both as a convenient way to open the door and most important a tool to help avoid direct contact with Germs by having our Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel Personalized Silver Tread N Pull on your doors will help you’re your customers in and there adventures outdoors. 

Made with SOLID STAINLESS STEEL, our door pull is your perfect door accessories in opening doors. 

  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Dimension: 12x7x2cm / 4.7x2.8x0.8inch

Have you ever been uncomfortable touching surfaces outside of your home like door handles, buttons?

Wouldn’t it be nice to offer a solution to you and your guests for when you or they don't want to touch contaminated surfaces to open the door?

If either of those questions resonates with you, then you need to try the SNAKE SEAL -Tread-N-Pull!

By using your hands to touch these surfaces throughout your everyday life, you are picking up traces of these germs and bacteria and possibly spreading them to others or bringing them into your home.

Snake Seal Tread-N-Pull is different. This versatile door gadget is specially designed to limit the number of bacteria spread because you do not have to use your hands to touch anything besides the pull itself with your foot! This cutting-edge design creates a door pull that opens doors, no hands needed!

Hands-Free Tread-N-Pull Will Help:

  • Open door handles
  • Avoid Diseases
  • Avoid touching contaminated surfaces

Step into the new age of Hands-free Germ Keys with Discount Trends, you'll be glad you did!

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