Sanitary Hands-Free Arm-Pull Door Handle



THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL DOOR HANDLE: This door handle is hands-free, eliminating the need to touch a contaminated door handle and picking up any germs or viruses as well as transmitting these germs to others. Just slide your arm under the handle and pull!

EASIEST INSTALLATION EVER: If you find yourself to be unskilled in the area of installation, or you are unable to hire someone to install this product for you, you're in luck! This hands-free door handle is easy to install and will only take you 5 minutes or less to install!

CLEANER EMPLOYEES: This hands-free door pull handle is the perfect addition to establishments who are looking to increase the health of their facilities for the benefit of their customers and employees.

SLEEK DESIGN: With its lustrous design, it can be installed in pre-existing aluminum, metal, or wood openings, such as entrances, corridors, and restrooms.

LONG-LASTING MATERIAL: Made from durable, rust-resistant stainless steel that looks great for both indoor and outdoor use. Install it to improve accessibility in your commercial building or home.


Have you ever been uncomfortable using a door handle, not knowing what germs or bacteria are living on it?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find a door handle that accommodates you when your hands are full? 

If either of those questions resonates with you, then you need to try the Discount Trends Hands-Free Door Handle!

Most door handles are the hotspot for bacteria and germs. Some of these bacteria that can live on door handles are aureus, pseudomonas species and E coli. Bacteria can live on a door handle anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. By using your hands to touch these door handles, you are picking up traces of these germs and bacteria and possibly spreading them to others or bringing them into your home.

Discount Trends Hands-Free Door Handle is different. This door handle is specially designed to limit the amount of bacteria spread, because you do not have to use your hands! This cutting edge design creates a handle that opens with just your arm, no hands needed! All you have to do is slide your arm in and pull. 

Hands-Free Door Handle Will Help:

Limit chances of picking up germs and harmful bacteria 

Open doors when your hands are full

Avoid Diseases

Maintain a shiny stainless steel door handle

Step into the new age of Hands-free door handles with Discount Trends, you'll be glad you did!



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