Round Cake Dummy Set Polystyrene Foam for Wedding Display Window Decorating Competition Birthday Parties, 4 Inches Diameter - Sizes 6 to 14 Inches Tall (6,8,10,12 X 4”)



Round Cake Dummies are measured diameter x-height and are made from 1# EPS polystyrene. Our round cake dummies are available in standard sizes ranging from 4"-24" and in a thickness of 3", 4", or 5". If you are interested in a size or thickness not offered in our standard options, please contact us to obtain additional information. We also sell polystyrene crosses, wreaths, and teardrops for whatever your needs. Full hearts, as well as open hearts, are also available for special events including, Valentine’s Day, birthday parties, exhibitions, etc. Large snowflake decorations for maximum impact are becoming very popular.

Great for beginner decorators to practice on they are great for practicing covering with fondant and buttercream icing, where the possibilities for learning are endless. If you have a special cake coming up whether you are a beginner or a professional, entering a competition - its great on doing this on a polystyrene dummy first.

Making sure all the tiers are proportional, the colors are right and most importantly the decoration is exactly where you want them - before executing the actual cake! Adding them in tiered cakes for wedding cakes, you may have a bride or a customer that may want a beautiful extravagant cake but only having a few people attending which allows you to create a majority of the bottom cakes on dummies and the top few tiers - real.


? Foams can be reused.

? Material: EPS polystyrene.

? Style: Round Cake Dummies.

? Scrape excess icings and decorations from the foam.

? Round cake dummies are perfect for all of your display case needs.

? The firm foam supports the weight of any decoration without crushing.

? Smooth surface will not pebble or flake into your cake decorations or icing.

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