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Aromatherapy Drops Protecting and Hydrating Face Mist | Face Mist Hydrating Spray with Aloe Vera, Carrot Seeds, Chamomile, & Immortelle Flower | Toning Facial Mist Spray with Natural SPF 20, (100 mL)

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Spritz on nature's bounty undefiled with the Hydrating Mist for Face by Aromatherapy Drops. This is a revitalizing facial spray that combines the natural hydrating properties of Immortelle Flower, Roman Chamomile Flower, and Carrot Seed hydrolat to promote calming facial mist spray hydration. This chamomile facial spray features carefully selected organic and wild-crafted extracts to gently induce the skin's recuperative ability and tone it for a rejuvenated and glowing look. Wetting the face with this spray toner for face can enhance vitamin and nutrient absorption, so is ideally spritzed onto the face before applying serum. To apply the hydrating face spray, keep the spray bottle at a 6-inch distance and spritz it on the face and neck. This is a travel-friendly moisturizer spray and facial toner for sensitive skin with natural SPF20 you can apply anytime, anywhere, ideally after sun exposure to soothe and reinvigorate tired skin. 

Key Product Features
  • ACHIEVE A HYDRATED AND DEWY COMPLEXION - The high-performing facial spray hydrating mist formula by Aromatherapy Drops is carefully crafted with a variety of powerful natural ingredients, including Immortelle Flower, Roman Chamomile Flower, and Carrot Seed water. This is a one-step toning face spray for soothing and rejuvenating tired and exposed skin, bringing back its radiant glow.
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  • REFRESH ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - This face hydrating spray provides more than moisture for the face. The aloe vera juice powder component of this vegan water spray for face is highly renowned in the realm of beauty and skincare for its remarkable skin-calming benefits, especially after spending a day under the sun. This moisturizing spray is best used before applying serum.
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  • WATER MIST THAT COVERS ALL THE BASES - As much as possible, you want a skin care spray that goes well with any skin type. Catering to both the dry and sensitive sides of the skin spectrum is what inspired us when formulating this skin mist. We meticulously selected clean plant-derived ingredients to come up with a hydrating facial mist that can easily be incorporated into any skincare routine.
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  • CONSCIENTIOUSLY FORMULATED - We want you to experience what nature has to offer, so we deliver these botanicals in one convenient facial toner spray bottle. And, in the process, we don't conduct any testing on animals and constantly find ways to not harm the planet. This toner spray for face features a selection of organic and wild-crafted extracts known for their useful effects on the skin.
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  • WHAT WE STAND FOR - The Aromatherapy Drops brand represents the harmony between humans and the earth. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards and responsibly using nature's bounty by supporting small farmers throughout the Mediterranean Coast. Only through this, we can innovate high-performing aroma-cosmetic and aroma-therapeutic products like our face mists.