Premium Kaya Kopi Timor From Timor-Leste Islands - Hybrid Robusta Arabica Roasted Whole Coffee Beans, 12 Ounce



Premium Kaya Kopi Timor From Timor Leste Islands Hybrid Robusta-Arabica Coffee Kaya Kopi Timor is a for you if you like the subtleties of an Arabica bean but also the serious flavor and caffeine kick of a Robusta bean. Timor coffee is also known as Tim-Tim or Hibrido de Timor (HdT) and actually comes from the process of evolution or “survival of the fittest”. In the 1860s, a disease called Coffee Leaf Rust (CLR) wiped out Arabica coffee plants across the world while Robusta plants fared better. However, a hybrid plant also formed between Robusta and Arabica that maintained some Arabica qualities but also was resistant to CLR. This hybrid was first discovered on the island of Timor-Leste, near Indonesia, which is why it has the name of Timor.

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