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Premium Kaya Kopi Tarrazu Costa Rican Geisha Arabica Specialty Roasted Whole Coffee Beans, 12 Ounce

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Kaya Kopi Tarrazu come from Geisha coffee plants, which are a variety of the Arabica plant. The Costa Rican Tarrazu is the perfect location to cultivate high quality Geisha due to its lush volcanic soil, high altitude and ideal microclimate. Kaya Kopi Tarrazu will brighten up your morning routine and put a smile on any coffee lovers face.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Amanda Morris
A Must-Try for Coffee Aficionados

If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado, Whole Bean coffee is a must-try. Its depth of flavor and meticulous attention to detail will leave you impressed.

Matthew Lewis
Coffee Perfection!

Whole Bean coffee has achieved perfection in every cup. The beans are carefully selected, and the result is a smooth, flavorful experience that I can't resist.

Emily Turner
A Coffee Lover's Delight

As a coffee lover, I can't get enough of this Whole Bean coffee. The beans are freshly roasted, and the flavor is simply divine. I'm hooked!

Olivia Davis
Exquisite Taste and Quality

The Whole Bean coffee offers an exquisite taste and unmatched quality. Every sip feels like a luxury, and it's worth every penny.

Stanley W.
The Perfect Cup of Coffee

These roasted whole coffee beans make the perfect cup of coffee. The flavor is rich and bold, and the aroma is amazing. I love how fresh they are, and they always make the perfect cup of coffee. Highly recommend!