Premium Kaya Kopi Lam Dong Bao Loc Region Vietnamese Energy Robusta Strong Coffee Beans (25 Grams)



Premium Kaya Kopi Lam Dong Bao Loc Region Vietnamese Energy Strong Robusta Coffee Beans (25 Grams)

Kaya Kopi Lam Dong is a pure energy boost. This coffee is packed with double the normal caffeine concentration and has a forceful taste to accompany it. It’s extremely rich in flavor and has chocolate and hazelnut hints that make it the perfect espresso drink. The acidy is lower in this coffee despite a slightly more bitter taste.


* Kaya Kopi Lam Dong has a rich and full taste with a chocolate undertone
* Hazelnut aftertaste?
* A lingering aftertaste that will leave you craving more


* Bao Loc Region, Lam Dong, Vietnam. 4,793 ft (1,461 m) above sea level.


* Excellent choice for espresso due to the rich flavor
* It is a great choice to drink with the Vietnamese phin filter or in the traditional Indonesian method of steeping the grinds right in the coffee mug
* The caffeine concentration in this coffee is twice that of standard coffee. Get ready to be energized!

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