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Record your little one’s first years in our Scandi Baby Memory Book

From the moment they open their gorgeous little eyes and yawn their first hello, you know it’s a going to be a wild, love-filled ride. Capturing the story of your bub’s arrival to new milestone and all their firsts, the Peachly Scandi Baby Record Book’s here to turn every moment into a memory.

Sprinkled with simple prompts and dreamy art, this timeless baby first years’ book will be your nostalgic keepsake for generations to come. LGBTQ and adoptive family-friendly, our Scandi baby memory book is beautifully crafted with a minimalist touch. Between sneaked-in naps, cheeky snack breaks and all important me-time, this is a book you’ll actually look forward to filling out.

All the goodies, zero fuss

No. of Pages: 60 pages

Page size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Cover size: 9.75 x 11.25 inches

Materials: Grey linen cover, 200gsm heavyweight inner pages

A baby keepsake book to turn your mini me’s first adventures into memories

EASY TO FILL OUT: Filled with simple, open-ended prompts to guide you through, the Peachly Scandi baby book makes it oh-so-easy to record all of bub’s firsts and milestones – no need to rack your brain or scribble things “just because”. Everything is in chronological order to ensure all the important milestones are captured, leaving no memory forgotten. The book is divided into 4 separate sections: baby’s arrival, the first 12 months, milestones and firsts, and years 2 to 5. And if that’s not enough, we’ve included 5 blank pages at the end for when baby’s napping and your creative juices are flowing.

FITS ALL PHOTO SIZES INCLUDING 4×6”: We know how tricky it is to find a baby milestone journal that does it all, without cramping your style. Rather than limiting you to photos of specific sizes and orientation, our baby book’s thoughtfully designed so you can stick in photos without cropping. Vertical or horizontal, square or rectangle, Peachly gives you the freedom to do you.

EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: When you hold your baby memory book for the first time, it feels like a little bit of oh-so-fancy magic. With a whole lot of TLC and fine craftsmanship, Peachly books will last a lifetime. From the durable, A Grade linen cover, meticulously embossed with silver stamping, to the 200gsm heavyweight acid-free card stock inner pages (they are thick!) – all the materials used are of the highest standard.

DESIGNED FOR ALL FAMILIES (LGBTQ / ADOPTIVE-FAMILY FRIENDLY): We celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of every family’s journey. That’s why we designed our first years’ baby record book to suit families of all shapes and sizes. Rather than referencing “Mummy” and “Daddy”, we use all-inclusive prompts such as “our” and “we”. For example: instead of saying “Mummy and Daddy’s reactions to seeing you for the first time” the book uses “Our reactions to seeing you for the first time”. And instead of “How Mummy felt during labour”, we use “The story of your arrival”.

KEEPSAKE ENVELOPE: We know you’ll have lots of little trinkets you’ll want to store away for safekeeping in your little one’s first years. We’ve included a super handy keepsake envelope (measuring 6 x 6 inches) to keep all your special little things, hospital bands, a lock of hair, important documents and so much more!

Go on, take a sneaky look inside!

Click through the pages below for a full preview of the Peachly 'Scandi' baby record book.

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