Organic Yerba Mate 100% Unsmoked Pure Leaf 100 Tea Bags - ECOTEAS (3-pack)

Package Quantity: 3 Pack



  • 100 easy-to-brew unsmoked yerba mate tea bags in an unwrapped, string-free, pillow format for minimal packaging and waste
  • Single-sourced from an organic family farm in Argentina, ECOTEAS Yerba Mate is 100% Unsmoked
  • Yerba mate is an effective weight loss tea that raises metabolism, reduces appetite & burns calories
  • Yerba mate can help reduce coffee intake with its low-acid, jitter-free, long-lasting energy effect
  • ECOTEAS yerba mate is USDA-Certified Organic, Kosher, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, & Gluten-Free


Organic Yerba Mate - 100 Tea Bags

From an organic family farm in northern Argentina. Dried with a unique smoke-free process for a smooth, clean taste. 


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