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ENG/SPAN: Child/Niños CPRWrap Aid Ages 1 - 8, First Aid Emergency, Makes CPR Easier, Non-Woven, Eco-Friendly Overlay

by CPRwrap
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Let us tell you a story:

One day, Felicia Jackson, a 20-year medical professional trained with CPR, was driving along when one of her toddlers, a 2-year-old, started struggling for breath. She knew her child was in danger, panic set in and she did the unexpected – she froze! She
completely forgot the CPR training she had. She didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, her husband was there and saved their son.

This can happen to ANYONE.

This can happen to your TODDLER.

This can happen to YOU.

Thankfully, Felicia Jackson came up with CPRWrap! An emergency aid device designed to empower people and parents like you: non-trained, non-medical emergency responders willing and needful to save a life!

CPRWrap takes the guesswork out of performing CPR in an emergency. With its step-by-step instructions, sanitary one-way mouthpiece, and simple illustrations, CPRWrap is the handy first aid kit you’ll need to help make the difference in a life-and-death situation.

Child CPRWrap was manufactured with medical-grade materials and sanitation in mind, knowing that you’ll need a product you can feel protected and safe, especially when breathing mouth-to-mouth with a victim of any age.

Why do you need to have CPRWrap?

According to medical research, an effective bystander CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival if provided immediately after cardiac arrest. And that even children as young as 9 years old can help save a life when following CPR procedures correctly.

Clinical surveys also show that non-trained, non-medical bystanders comprise 46% of the US population. Now, can you imagine how this product may stem the tide of over
360,000 deaths in the US from SCA every year if every bystander can immediately respond to emergencies that require CPR?

Think how CPRWrap may help the victims of:

● Sudden Cardiac Arrest
● Drowning
● Suffocation
● Head trauma
● Electrocution
● Other unexpected events that require CPR

We feel every child has a right to live, and our goal is to empower everyone in doing the most basic, selfless thing to do: Save a child’s life.

CHILD SIZE: Suitable for children ages 1 to 8. Get as many as you can. Make them handy if and when they become needed. Put one in your car, office desk, kitchen drawer, school bag, purse, or any good place you think to have this first aid tool.

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