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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Pure 100% Solid Hammered, Unlined Copper Cups - Set of 4

by Kona
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  • AUTHENTIC MOSCOW MULE MUG: 100% pure; No nickel, No stainless steel, No lined metal and No plated imitations like many others. Copper cups are FDAapproved so you can enjoy your Moscow Mules with confidence.
  • HANDMADE HAMMERED SOLID COPPER CUP: 16 oz makes these cups the perfect size. Your drinks become cold fast, so you can enjoy your Moscow mule cocktails: caipirinha, mojito, caipiroska, gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and beer. Check out the specialty drinks provided in the recipe booklet included! Also for beverages, tea. Some people leave water overnight in the cup and drink it well balanced the next day.
  • STANDARDS AND STYLE: Each cup is unique because they are handmade by experienced and passionate professional craftsmen. Copper mugs are made in India and impress with elegance.
  • COPPER CUPS MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: Copper mug sets are ideal gifts for women and men. It comes with a beautiful gift box kit with a recipe booklet inside, Perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Father's Day and Mother's day... impress someone you love
  • WARRANTY: Our copper mug set is backed by a lifetime warranty. We are confident in what we produced and with proper care, you will use your mule mugs for generations. Our team is available to assist you! Your complete satisfaction matters to us. We want your business, partner with us by clicking Add to Cart


Our Shiny Moscow mule copper cups will do the magic, they can be a conversation starting point because of its uniqueness and elegance. The 16oz are a perfect size for your delicious icy cold moscow mule and our suggested drinks.

BE A CONFIDENT HOST: You will provide a new EXPERIENCE for your beer and wine lover guests. People like new stuff, even though mule drinks are trending, I bet most of your friends never had a delicious moscow mule drink, they will thank you for the new experience. Imagine how pretty the pictures will look like when they are cheering with your unique hand hammered copper cups.

COPPER CUPS A PERFECT GIFT SET:  The first impression is the BEAUTIFULL GIFT BOX they come with. Then you get rewarded because they will think about you on their happy moments, plus, the gorgeous pure copper mugs can be part of kitchen decoration. Also, they will have fun trying the new drinks suggested on the RECIPE BOOKLET INCLUDED on the set.

WHY THIS VERSUS OTHER IMITATIONS:  Because these mugs are SOLID COPPER, no nickel, lining, alloy or copper coated materials. 100% pure copper give the moscow mule the right taste and keeps your drink icy cold. It is designed with a roundish welded handle with smooth lip and if properly treated will last generations, that is the reason we offer LIFETIME GUARANTY. Click on the Add to Cart now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ella Matthews
Unique and Elegant

These copper mugs are not just unique but also elegant. They stand out in my kitchen and impress guests.

Jacob H.
Authentic Experience

These mugs provided a truly authentic Moscow Mule experience. The taste of the drink is noticeably different in a good way.

Leo F.
Superb Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of these mugs is superb. You can tell they were made by experienced professionals.

James S.
Perfect Party Addition

These cups were a hit at our party. Not only did they keep the drinks cold, but they also sparked some interesting conversations.

Eva Morris
Perfect Size

The size of the mugs is just perfect. They hold just the right amount of my favorite Moscow Mule.