Madeterra Extra-Large Folding Wall Hanging Fan



Materials: Bamboo Fiber, Bamboo Wood

Measurements: 21.7" x 43.3" (+/- 0.2")

ORIENTAL RUSTIC FARMHOUSE HOME WALL DECOR: Decorate your home with this special wall fan for a unique rustic farmhouse chic look. Lovely rustic distressed details and natural bamboo add to its laid-back charm. This wall art creates a sense of oriental harmony and comfort for your bedroom, dorm room, living area, baby nursery, workspace or anywhere where you'd like to add some specials to your walls.

THE SYMBOL OF WEALTH, GOOD LUCK AND PROTECTION: The purpose of fan, is to guide and redirect energy to the desired space. In oriental fengshui, it�s a symbol of wealth, good luck and protection. Beautiful fan tail motifs and decorative fans are traditional wall pediment in Asian homes.

HANDMADE & EARTH-FRIENDLY: The rustic wall fans are made of organic bamboo. Bamboo is the plant that�s sustainably grown and easy to harvest, making it great eco-friendly and sustainable decor and storage materials.

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