KING COFFEE INSTANT AMERICANO Premium 15 sticks x 1g | Medium-roasted Vietnamese Coffee| Mild acidity | Finely-ground roasted coffee



Love Espresso but can't tolerate its strong taste? King Coffee Instant Americano is a good alternative.

We make it milder for your mild-taste preference. King Coffee Instant Americano is enhanced with finely-ground roasted coffee to give taste of an Americano fresh-brew shot from the brewer.

Product Origin: Vietnam

Product Main Ingredients: Soluble Arabica coffee, finely-ground roasted coffee.

Roast level: Medium Roasted Premium Beans.

Taste: Mild acidity, slight bitterness.

After-taste: Smooth and Balanced.


- Add 1 stick of King Coffee Instant Americano into the mug.

- Pour 3.3fl oz (100ml) of hot water (176oF to 212oF) into the mug.

- Stir the coffee and hot water together until the coffee granules are dissolved. Enjoy black or add sugar/creamer as desire.

*15 sticks per box. Pack of 1 box. 1 stick =0.04oz.

***Our Brand Story:

The key element to King Coffee's success is product quality. Each coffee bean is the crystallized essence from the sun and the earth, carefully and meticulously chosen from famous coffee material production areas such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala, and especially Vietnam. In our country, Robusta comes from Buon Ma Thuot - Vietnam’s coffee capital; while Arabica comes from Cau Dat (Lam Dong). The best material is combined with King Coffee’s oriental secretly-handed-down recipe makes King Coffee brand - the perfect Coffee King of Vietnam - possible.

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